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Meet Our PAX East 2017 Air Assaults

In a little over one week, hordes of gamers and geeks from all over will descend upon Boston, Massachusetts, for three days of gaming bliss at PAX East 2017! The show, of course, promises to offer the latest and greatest in not only digital fun but also tabletop and board games.

Stack Up will, of course, be there in force. Not only with our booth and push-up contest, but also in support of our Air Assault program in which we hand-pick deserving Veterans and pay for them to attend life-changing video game and geek culture events, whether it be a Comic-Con, an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), or in this case, a Penny Arcade Expo (PAX)!

We want to take a moment to introduce you to our two PAX East 2017 Air Assaults!

I spent 12 years in the Army from Aug 2000 to Nov 2012. My first 6 years I spent in First Cav and I deployed with them to Iraq in 2004.
I was signal for the first 6 years and I spent a lot of time gaming with the guys in my unit. I’d get LAN cable and link up several XBoxes for 16 player Halo matches. We stayed tight like a family and played Halo all the time plus other games.
Now gaming helps to quiet down the noise of nonstop thoughts and memories. I use it to get away from the anxiety and depression I deal with daily. It’s also where I talk to my friends. Now I help vets where I can and I play video games with whoever wants to play.

I was in the U.S.Army from 1996-2012. Been almost everywhere trained soldiers for 2 years as a Drill Sergeant loved every minute of it. Injured in 2008 from combat injury served with 2nd Infantry Division Cavalry.
Collect a lot of Star Wars stuff can’t say enough about how much I love my country. Games have given me focus through a lot of painful moment since my injuries and dealing with my TBI.
I forget a lot of things and playing a game that repeats stuff helps my cognitive memory, not to mention when I can’t focus because of the pain I can go to my PC or Xbox and change focus to that when I hurt.

We look forward to Stacking Up with these two amazing Veterans in Boston!

If you are planning on attending PAX East this year, make sure to stop by our booth (#10129) and say hello! You can find our location on the map below!

In addition to learning more about Stack-Up and our mission, we will have giveaways, raffles, and of course, our famous Push-Up contest! We hope to see you there!

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