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league of legends north american league championship series line up

January 16th is the start of the spring NA LCS split! I’m pretty excited about this, and it looks to be an interesting split to say the least. There were numerous roster changes during the offseason which is to be expected. The teams that made it, or stayed in, to the NA LCS are Cloud 9, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Dignitas, Echo Fox, Immortals, NRG ESports, Renegades, Team Impulse, Team Liquid, and Team Solo Mid. There are two extremely interesting teams in this line up. Echo Fox is owned by the NBA champion Rick Fox, and Renegades has the first female player to be on the big stage, Remi.

Immortals, NRG Esports, and Renegades are new to the LCS with Immortals and NRG Esports gaining entry upon purchasing two older teams spots in the LCS. Renegades won their way into the NA LCS through the lower ladder Championship series when they knocked Team Dragon Knights out late last year.

This should shape up to be a very hard fought spring split. With the vast amount of roster changes, there will certainly be a few weeks of getting into the groove of being with new team mates. The acquisition of so many players from overseas will also breathe some new ideas and strategies into the North American scene. Keep tuned to the NA LCS on lolesports.com and catch the start of the season on the 16th of January.

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