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league of legends na lcs week 8

The closer the Mid Season comes, the crazier the games get. Dignitas losing both of their games in utterly astounding fashion, Renegades getting another win, and Echo Fox breaking records has made this into a week to remember. Jhin is coming into flavor as a must pick or must ban. Kalista and Nidalee are also appearing more often in the pick and ban phase due to mobility and jungle clear respectively. Week 8 has been a wild ride!

Dignitas threw both of their games this week. Their first game was a grueling 1 hour, 7 minutes and 50 seconds against Echo Fox. Dignitas had the upper hand for most of the game and netted themselves 4 barons, 4 dragons, and two inhibitors; however, they were unable to close out the game. Echo Fox managed to come back and win. Dignitas repeated their same inability to close the game out in their match against Immortals. They dominated the early game and appeared poised to give Immortals their second defeat of the season. Instead, they attempted to force team fights at inopportune times and then were gun shy to do anything in taking objectives. Immortals proceeded to carefully and stoically come back to win the game. Immortals only took 48 minutes to accomplish their goal.


Every team split their games this week except Cloud9 who won both of their games to get into a tie situation with CLG for second place and Dignitas who lost both their games. This means that Renegades added another win, and it came against TSM no less. Seraph on Graves showed just how dangerous of a split pusher he could be. With the new concept of rushing Deaths Dance on Graves being the go to strategy; Seraph was a scary top laner who couldn’t be stuffed. Ninja, as the new addition to the roster, also proved valuable despite their loss when he played Zilean. Ninja has proven himself to be an up and coming mid laner who is not to be taken lightly just because of the team record.

This week has seen some new champions, Jhin, coming into flavor and some old ones shaking off the dust with Zilean becoming a scary mid lane pick. Cloud 9 has once again proven they are a formidable force as the season progresses. Renegades has shown they aren’t to be counted out of the fight, even if they’re starting to come together late. Froggen, however, deserves some praise for his world record breaking CS statistic, even if it occurred due to Dignitas fumbling the game. Echo Fox still has a chance for play offs, and regardless of how the win occurred, they had the stamina to keep their heads in the game and pull out the win.

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