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league of legends na lcs week 7

Week 7 of NA LCS saw unexpected results and showed that Immortals can be taken down. With a week like this, it’s setting the tone for the Mid Season. There are multiple teams vying for play off spots, and it’s anyone’s game now. Let’s dive into this week’s craziness.

Huni and Reignover’s dominance in the NA LCS scene has finally been shaken. Darshan and xmithie worked together to focus the Huni/Reignover dynamic and keep Huni shut down for the game. Wildturtle attempted to keep IMT in the game, but Darshan was too big to be kept out of fights.

After a difficult week of two losses, TSM came out of their funk and took a win over Echo Fox. They couldn’t keep their momentum going though as they lost to Team Liquid who won both of their games this week with another win against Team Impulse. Renegades finally won a game when they played against Dignitas on Day 2. NRG split the week as well by winning against Renegades and losing to team Impulse.

CLG rounded out the week with 2 wins and secured 2nd place in the standings. They’re still attempting to distance themselves from Cloud9 who is hot on their heels with only a game separating them. Conversely, Echo Fox anchored the week down with two losses and snapped their 4 game win streak. The weeks are winding down, and teams are struggling to stay out of relegation, stay on top, or clench a play-off spot. The middle of the pack is pretty even with a few teams having bright spots and then falling back again. Renegades is still the bottom of the barrel, and Immortals is still reigning over NA LCS. They did show a chink in their armor though, but I believe few teams are going to be able to exploit this. CLG is just now starting to attempt to distance themselves and lock in second place. Keep tuned to the NA LCS as things heat up with only two weeks left to go!

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