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laytons indie throwdown the impossible game vs geometry dash


This week on LIT, we fight between rage inducing The Impossible Game and Geometry Dash! The Impossible Game was developed by FlukeDuke in 2014, and Geometry Dash was developed by RobTop games also in 2014. Let’s see what happens when we put these two crazy games in the ring and dish out the points.


BECCA: The Impossible Game doesn’t quite have a story. The most it brings is that you’re a box trying to get from one end of the level to the other. It’s not meant to have a story, so there isn’t one!

Story Empty Heart

WILL: There isn’t a direct “story” to this game, but the addition of selectable and slightly customizable characters adds a bit more depth to it. At its core though, Geometry Dash is just a rhythmic platformer that induces lots of rage. I am sure there are plenty of ways you could add a story and would like to see a game do that.

Story Full Heart

WINNER: The winner for “story” is Geometry Dash! Several aspects, including the customizable characters, made us feel like we had a distinct mission as a little box or ship to get to the other side of the level.


BECCA: The graphics for The Impossible Game are simplistic because there is no need for anything fancy. Just a box and the obstacles. I don’t feel as if the graphics fall short, as they do their job, but definitely would have liked to have something more eye catching. The design changed by level, but having greater variety to look at would have made it more appealing.

Graphics Empty Heart

WILL: Geometry Dash is a very simple geometric game with plenty of beautiful bright colors and textures. It is very clear the style of game the developers were going for was not high-end-knock-it-out-of-the-park. With that being said, they made a very clean looking game with inviting atmosphere and graphics that are easy on and appealing to the eye.

Graphics Full Heart

WINNER: Geometry Dash wins this by a long shot. The Impossible Game allows for concentration, but Geometry Dash brings a sort of happiness to your rage fest.


BECCA: My favorite part of the Impossible Game has to be the soundtrack. The obstacles are placed so they line up with the music. Each time you jump, it matches with the music. That’s an incredible way to tie the sound and the game together, and I’d actually consider buying the soundtrack. The music is incredibly catchy, and I almost didn’t get tired of it. Almost.

Soundtrack Full Heart

WILL: Rhythm is everything in a game like this, and the upbeat electro jams that are playing as you go through the level not only provide that but also have enough energy in them to push you through the levels and keep you engaged. This is a sound track I would buy to listen to when I am working on a project and need a nudge.

Soundtrack Full Heart

WINNER: It’s a tie in this one! Both soundtracks are extremely catchy and serve the same purpose: keeping you engaged, energized, and coming back for more.


BECCA: The Impossible Game’s mechanics, like most everything else about it, are simple. Just one button unless you want to lay down check point flags. In that case, you have three buttons. Very simple which is important so you can focus on the task at hand.

Mechanics Full Heart

WILL: As far as button layout and such, this game is easy to master. It has one button and its only function is to jump. The way the game plays is very smooth, which is important because it’s all rhythmic based. I enjoyed the addition of new obstacles that changed the way I had to think and play as I went along.

Mechanics Full Heart

WINNER: We have another tie! The mechanics, like the soundtrack, serve the same purpose in both games. Simple and functional in both cases.


BECCA: I raged about The Impossible Game for thirty straight minutes but couldn’t bring myself to stop playing. Each time it starts over, and that song plays again, I keep going back. I continue playing this rage simulator and can’t stop! It’s weirdly addicting. When I started, I said I would go to attempt 25. At attempt 25, I said 50. At 50, 100. I finally pulled myself out of it at attempt 125 but could’ve sat there for another few hours and raged.

Replayability Empty Heart

WILL: This game makes you want to keep trying over and over until you have spent hours playing attempting to beat a level. This alone gives Geometry Dash so much replayability. You could spend the next 20 years of your life playing and not get bored. However, the development team added in an awesome side feature to allow you to build your own challenging levels which makes this game easy to play all day long every day of the week.

Replayability Full Heart

WINNER: By a nose, Geometry Dash takes this one! The level customization puts Geometry Dash over the top but just barely! Both games are absolutely addicting.


BECCA: The Impossible Game brings on levels of rage I didn’t know I could reach. I’m not sure I can actually put into words what I felt. It was as if I wanted to rip the space bar off my keyboard. I wanted to jump into the game and punt the box across a field, and loved every second of it.

bouns round full

WILL: Oh how many times did I want to throw the keyboard or punch my monitor! They should rename this game RAGE SIMULATOR 5000. I have always been horrible at platformers, but Geometry Dash is a special kind of hell.

bouns round emptu

WINNER: The Impossible Game takes the cake here. The rage levels are just astounding. Astonishing.


This week’s winner with 5 full hearts only barely taking it in the bonus round…


RobTop Games did a fantastic job with this simplistic platformer. The graphics are engaging, the soundtrack is awesome, and the game can be played over and over. It may be the better of the two games, but both games are fantastic and highly enjoyable. See you guys next week with our next set of competitors.

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