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killer instinct teases halo crossover season 3

Killer Instinct is Microsoft’s flagship fighting game for the Xbox One and is just about to enter its third “season” in March with a slew of new fighters. What better way to drum up excitement for this than by announcing a crossover with one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises, Halo? The clip is brief, but any eagle-eyed Halo fan will instantly recognize the distinct armor and energy sword (“The Prophet’s Bane”) of The Arbiter, a notable alien character from the series. Considering Microsoft previously announced Rash (from Battletoads) is joining the roster for Season 3, the intentions behind this tease are fairly clear: The Arbiter is the next fighter in-line for Killer Instinct. Go ahead, frolic! There has never been a better time for it.

Killer Instinct Season 3 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 in March.

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