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Ion Maiden – New Title from 3D Realms at PAX East

The next time you are fighting aliens in Destiny 2, take a moment and never forget where all those great shooting mechanics came from. It’s never bad time to revisit the golden days of First Person Shooting, and this year, 3D Realms is bringing the good ‘ol days back to a new generation of gamers in Ion Maiden, a brand new first-person shooter using 3D Realm’s classic engine.

3D Realms will be bringing their newly announced shooter to PAX EAST in Boston, Massachusetts. For those eager to play this behemoth of a shooter, it will be at booth #23120 in the Expo Hall.

Ion Maiden is a continuation of the 2016 isometric shooter, Bombshell. Players take on the role of Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a cybernetically augmented woman who has fought against every threat to American interests for as long as she can remember. Using her special cybernetic enhancements and cutting-edge weapons, she successfully and brutally dispatches her foes.

When a transhumanist cult wreaks havoc across Washington, D.C, Shelly is brought back to the battlefield and brings the fires of war straight to the bad guys. Her enemies may be more machine than man, but they will cower in fear at the sight of this Bombshell.

Ion Maiden was made on 3D Realms’ exclusive proprietary software, The Build Engine. The 22-year-old engine was what powered games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, and Shadow Warrior, with each game being a historical milestone in first-person shooters and digital entertainment.

While the game was made for the gaming world of 2018, it will have the great hallmarks of classic shooting, including lightning speeds, brutal enemies, deep level design, and tough-as-hell bosses. There will be some modern modifications made as well, including autosaves, headshots, controller support, and widescreen format. Ion Maiden is being developed by California-based Voidpoint Games.

Ion Maiden is available now on Steam Early Access. It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018.

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