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Not everyone could be Home for the Holidays this year. Many of our troops were still deployed and away from loved ones. This did not stop Stack-up from spreading the holiday cheer.  Between those that reached out to our Developer friends for codes and the ever faithful Streaming team, Stack-up was able to raise a total of $200,000.00 worth of game codes.  We then sent codes to over 200 recipients who were able to share them with their family and friends to enjoy the games together even though they may be thousands of miles apart. With your help, we sent more than 3,000 games to our troops to help keep spirits high and those deployed fighting the good fight.

Pictured above is Warrant Officer Anthony Bailey and friends enjoying some time in their “Boom Boom Room” at Campy Dwyer in Afghanistan. They are currently directly supporting a MEDEVAC unit in RC-South while spending their off time playing 2v2 Rocket League and Mario Kart Emulators. Men and women such as these are at the heart of the Stack-Up mission.  Our hope for this year is to provide many more opportunities of gaming fun to our troops deployed overseas.  As always, if you would like to give donations to help support our troops you may find more information on our Donation Page. Thank you for helping us bring our soldiers a little closer to Home for the Holidays.

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