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Holidays Of Osiris – Your Chance to Raid with the Destiny Dev Team!

Calling All Guardians!

Stack Up with us as we celebrate the release of Destiny: Curse of Osiris! This December 8th through the 10th all weekend long streamers will be playing the latest Destiny Content as we celebrate the Holidays of Osiris. Join some of your favorite Destiny streamers for a weekend of fun as we all Stack Up and raise donations to help our mission of supporting US and Allied Troops with gaming!

Holidays Of Osiris

Not only that, but we also have two Destiny Raid slots for a private raid with the developers of Destiny! One of these raid slots will be randomly selected from everyone who donates throughout the Holidays of Osiris, giving all the Guardians who Stack Up with us a chance to rub elbows with the folks at Bungie. In addition, everyone who donates over $500 will get a second chance to throw the dice to fill out a bonus raid slot.

If you want to get involved, you can sign up and join in on the streaming action. Check out the Tiltify Link below and get signed up today!

If you have you have any questions about getting signed up for Tiltify you can check out the FAQ we have right here…

Make sure, when you are signing up, that you are selecting the “Support” campaign type and choosing Holidays of Osiris as the campaign you wish to support.

Once you get signed up for Tiltify, head on over and sign up on our Google Form with all of your event details so we can provide the support you need to make sure that your streaming efforts are as successful as they can be!

We can not wait to check out all the amazing Curse of Osiris streaming action happening during our Holidays of Osiris event! Remember to use the hashtag #HolidaysOfOsiris on your social media messaging and to also tag StackUpDotOrg so that we can help amplify your stream!

If you are not a streamer, make sure you are checking out all the Destiny fun and then donate through your favorite streamers Tiltify Donation Link during the event, for your chance to Raid with the Developers at Bungie!

Get ready Guardians, this is your chance to help us Stack Up and make a difference! Celebrate the Holidays with us and Destiny, and you just might get a chance to play with the developers who bring this amazing world to life.

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