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earth defense force 2 invaders from planet space review


Humanity has never faced a threat like this before. Giant alien saucers, giant bugs, and giant robots are descending upon the earth and destroying everything in sight and making the planet their home. With all military options exhausted, the fate of the world is left in the hands of three individuals. Together, they form one of the most technologically advanced fighting force the Earth has ever seen and are the best chance for the survival of the planet. They are the first, only, and last line of defense. They are not the Men In Black. They are the Earth Defense Force.

Giant monster scenarios aren’t anything terribly new, but they make for a great setup. Stories that focus on giant monsters have continuously fascinated audiences since the days of the Toho Godzilla films. More recently, films such as Cloverfield and the updated Godzilla (2014) have been tremendously fascinating to this generation of moviegoers. From the great carnage to the human struggle of surviving such a cataclysm, monster films continue to provide entertainment and moments of awe. Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space puts you right in the middle of the carnage and the mayhem in the battle to beat back invaders. Along the way it provides a simple form of gaming fun, reminding us of the simple pleasures video games can provide. At its core, Earth Defense Force 2 is all about fun.

Earth Defense Force 2 is also all about the gameplay. There is hardly a story to speak of, except to see the struggles of humanity fighting against the aliens and the carnage they have wrought. This is told through mission briefings and the voices that shout over the radio during levels. This isn’t a demerit as it leaves the gameplay and challenge as the epicenter of the Earth Defense Force 2 experience. As a matter of fact, the radio communications, which are bursting with B-rated dialogue and humor, only add to the enjoyment of the game.

In the spirit of giant monster films, Earth Defense Force 2 tasks players as the sole line of defense against the vicious “Buggernauts.” There is no back-up or reinforcements. Only you and your weapons can determine if humanity will survive or face extinction. Fortunately, no matter which class players choose, they have infinite ammunition and cutting edge weaponry. Players will have vehicles, an assortment of weapons, and unique abilities that will aid them in their quest to win the war and save the planet.

Players can choose between three different classes: The Infantryman, the Pale Wing, and the Air Raider. The Infantryman is the war-fighting ground soldier, capable of wielding rocket launchers, assault rifles, and a variety of weapons classes. In addition, they are capable of using vehicles, such as tanks and helicopters. The Pale Wing is part of an all-female special operations squad, which specializes in reverse-engineering alien technology for its own use. Pale Wings use energy-based weapons, as well as jetpacks to defeat the enemy. Finally, the Air Raider uses special gadgets and support packs to defeat the enemy. Despite the advantages of each class, the fight will not be easy as the Buggernauts not only come in large numbers but are also very dangerous.

Earth Defense Force 2 prides itself in its difficulty, as well as its longevity. This is a game hailing from talented game makers, such as XSEED Games, Sandlot Games, Marvelous Games, and D3 Publisher. As such the game is no pushover. Earth Defense Force 2 is absolutely challenging, even on normal. Players will face overwhelming numbers, lethal firepower, and massive bosses over the game’s lengthy campaign of 78 missions. The game recommends starting the game on easy and working your way up. Starting out on Inferno, the highest difficulty setting, is impossible.

As players progress through the missions, the enemy drops armor, health, and weapon pickups. Collecting the armor pickups will eventually extend your overall health and weapon pickups will unlock new weapons for your class. The higher the difficulty, the more lethal the weapon in the pickup will be. The game will challenge players to go through all 78 missions on all four difficulties with each class. This essentially means that there is close to 100 hours of gameplay to be had with a total of 936 missions. This makes Earth Defense Force 2 absolutely perfect for on-the-go mobile gaming.

Earth Defense Force 2 controls extremely well on the PS Vita platform, which is important for its 3rd-person action. The game can be compared to the likes of arcade classics, such as Berserk, Robotron 2084, and Galaga. Players will face waves upon waves of differing enemies. Some will be giant insects, which use their acids, webbing, and close-range biting to end players and other enemies include giant robot tanks, UFO saucers, Godzilla-like monsters, and various motherships. The levels, as well as the difficulty, will vary with each mission. While there is a civilian population and civilian buildings, friendly fire is luckily not an obstacle here. In the fight to defeat the aliens and the Buggernauts, your rocket launcher rounds will destroy civilian buildings, which is perfectly acceptable. The Earth Defense Force also has the special ability of unlimited ammunition and resistance from fall damage to aid in their mission.

With this, Earth Defense Force 2 is a game of constant action and reward. It’s very easy to pick up and play, as well as become immersed in. Each challenge brings on an even greater challenge. Every new weapon pickup may just be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Each part of the game is a measure of skill and timing. It makes for an amazing gaming experience, especially with friends in online co-operative play.

Earth Defense Force 2 is actually an updated remake of an original PlayStation 2 title, Global Defense Force. As such, the game has the look of a past-gen title. However, the primary focus is on the gameplay, rather than the presentation. In this focus, Earth Defense Force 2 looks and sounds very solid with good foundations established. The enemies have a distinct look and neat texture. The Earth Defense Force characters all have a distinct look to them as well. The sound effects and music are something that felt ripped straight from Japanese mediums, such as anime and giant monster movies. The sounds of screeching aliens, exploding rockets, and lasers firing are only some of the sounds you will be hearing as you battle to save Earth. The music emphasizes the dread and gloom of incoming doom. It isn’t anything spectacular but it is fitting for this game.

Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space is a game that relishes in its silly, insane action and wants the player to be the biggest part of it all. From the sheer thrill of facing overwhelming odds to blasting away giant mutant dinosaurs with tanks shells and rocket launchers Earth Defense Force 2 is an amazing game for PlayStation Vita owners.

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