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e3 2016 ea press conference recap

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Electronic Arts is one of the most prestigious names in video games. Having the likes of Star Wars, Battlefield, Mass Effect, and a bevy a sports games to their name has done them well, and that didn’t change with E3 2016. If you’re a fan of football, be it of the American or non-American variety, EA definitely had a presser for you.

Titanfall 2 might be one of the most promising aspects of the conference. All the new changes added to even just the multiplayer make it extremely enticing. Your character hit a dude with a grappling hook and brought him to you like he was in Mortal Kombat. Can’t wait.

Madden is assuredly not my forte, but the elements they’re changing when it comes to commentary and voice in the game seem promising.

Good lord, I just want more of this game shown. They talked up how it’s been built with Frostbite engine in mind, so the game’s going to look absolutely gorgeous if it’s even half of what Star Wars Battlefront brought to the table. Couple that with some good facial designs and you’ve got something they definitely should have had five more minutes of footage of.

It is nice how EA is putting forth the smaller, more abstract games coupled with its usual bombardment of shooters and adventure games. Fe is the first “EA Originals” game. This gives off Ori and the Blind Forest vibes, which is a very good thing. The game seems very stylistic, with the substance yet to be seen, obviously.

They didn’t show much other than brief glimpses. There was totally an X-Wing in virtual reality, though. And the snippets of the Visceral Star Wars title seem promising, but also won’t be around for another couple of years. We’ll see.

I’m very interested in checking this game out, and curious how they’ll tackle such a harrowing conflict. Visually, the game looks gorgeous, but World War I doesn’t have the same level of patriotism and vibes that you saw in World War II.

The verdict? This was a rough press conference no matter what you’re into. Many games seem years away, and the only way they could show people that games like Mass Effect and Star Wars are still kicking were from behind the scenes development interviews. While they’re solid chunks of content every once in a while, the sheer amount of them was downright unsettling. We’ll be lucky to see Mass Effect Andromeda next year, I’m putting money on that.

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