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e3 2016 bethesda press conference recap

Bethesda’s been on a roll over the last few years. Between internal studios pushing out smash-hits like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, and the publishing wing being behind fantastic reboots like Doom and Wolfenstein, Bethesda came out swinging.

A Quake sequel seemed inevitable after the aforementioned id hits with Quake Champions. Starting with a DOS bootup screen (that teased a Wolfenstein sequel, if you noticed), the game appears to be taking cues from Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Fallout 4 has some more workshop-based add-ons. It’s a tad disappointing, not being a fan of the building, but they’ll have a meaty, single-player expansion later on.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, the Hearthstone-esque card game focused in the world of what else but Elder Scrolls. This looks a lot like Hearthstone, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

Skyrim Remastered has a strong trailer that shows the graphical fidelity between the last generation and the current one. It comes with all the DLC and mod support.

Prey got a reboot! It looks very Total Recall, and that’s not a bad thing. The Prey 2 that was appears to be no more, but Arkane’s take on Prey looks very interesting.

Dishonored 2 got the longest demonstration, and it looked really cool. It had BioShock Infinite vibes but built on the foundation of an already excellent game. There was a very in-depth look at toying with time, first-person maneuvering, and lots of stealth.

The verdict? Solid press conference that only slowed down in a couple of moments. Also there was a screaming woman that was grating at first but became a twitter darling in no time. It was a nice palette cleanser after EA’s wet blanket.

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