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destiny weekly news roll part 1


Hey Guardians!!! We are back at it again rolling together all the information you might have missed in Destiny this week so far. This piece will solely focus on the new gear we will be capable of earning when the April 12th patch drops. We found out what we are capable of doing last week during Bungie’s stream. While I had rough ideas about what some of the extras we saw last week meant and was right about a few, my other guesses were way off. If you missed the stream and would like to check it out you can do so by clicking here.


First off, let’s compare my guesses to what the actual meanings behind them were. My first guess last week had to deal with the Queen’s weapon, Her Fury. I stated that “the new nodes have to deal with weapons skins. I only think that due to the bonus talent in the overview stating that it activates a Red Chroma glow”. Well, I was somewhat close. They aren’t necessarily weapon skins but each new weapon will have a glowing capability entitled Chroma. This is also not only for weapons but for armor as well.


Each new weapon and armor will have these two new nodes to select from. One activates the Chroma while the other destroys the previous Chroma glow and rolls it with one of 4 colors (Blue, Yellow, White, and Red). That being said, it costs 100 Glimmer per roll, and you have to have the matching Chroma material to infuse into that node before it will glow the color that you wish. Cool so now we can customize our armor to glow the way we want no matter what shader you have equipped, awesome huh?? How in the Destiny universe are we supposed to get these Chroma materials anyways?! Well Guardians, we can get them a couple of ways. One easy way is to dismantle a weapon or armor that has Chroma already on it, but that doesn’t always guarantee that you will receive that color Chroma post-dismantle. Another way is to collect and open the Sterling Treasure mystery bags.


Remember last week when we all saw the reward of “Sterling Treasure” for completing the lvl 41 PoE match making mode? You will get one from it once a week, one from the postmaster once a week, and also one from completing the weekly PvP mode (not the weekly PvP quests, but the actual weekly event seen from orbit). Ultimately you can get three a week, or use Silver at 200 a pop for more.



As you can see, the Sterling Treasure bag contains at least one guaranteed item and up to three possible items. In the guaranteed items area, you can see there are all new types of gear called “Desolate”. Last week I assumed the images Bungie shared with us had those guardians rocking a new shader that makes guardians look like they are Taken. I was sooooooo wrong! Those guardians were actually wearing the full set of Desolate gear giving them that appearance. This new gear is considered a collector set and. once you complete it all, will unlock an exclusive emote for your guardian called the “Taken Shiver”. The other armors on the list are titled as Spektar, which are the new Class specific armor designed around the Chroma system. The only bad news is all this armor will start out at a defense value of three but can be infused.


I can already hear it now, “Great awesome looking armor, but now I have to burn all my spare armor to infuse it up to the level I want”. This is where you are wrong my friends!!! Bungie has heard all the complaints over the past several months and implemented a plan to fix all of that pain. Yes, they have fixed the infusion system. Now whatever item level and experience level is in the armor that you used to infuse will transfer to the new armor. Other small changes Bungie has made includes expanding your vault space and the ability to turn off in-game HUD.


Awesome, so they have expanded the vault for a second time, and trust me we are going to need all the space we can get. Bungie has brought back a plethora of year one remade weapons, armor, and has unveiled new faction specific, Spektar, Desolate armors. With that being said, earning some of the remade legendries listed below will only come from Vanguard/Crucible reward packages at up to 330 light.

  1. The Devil You Know

  2. Shadow Price

  3. LDR 5001

  4. Badger CCL

  5. The Comedian


  7. T-09 Longbow Synthesis

  8. Grim Citizen III

  9. Two to the Morgue

  10. Zombie Apocalypse WF47

  11. The Saterienne Rapier

  12. And Lord High Fixer

I know It feels it takes forever to rank up with those factions, but that has also been adjusted. Now reputation earned has been greatly increased within Strikes, Crucible, and PoE. On top of that, Reputation Boosters are available to drop out of the Sterling Treasure bags to help increase rep even further.


Something that was not broadcasted on the stream but was silently sent out over Destiny’s Instagram account was the year one exotic remakes. That’s right Guardians! These are the ones returning to be earned once again as of 7 pm EST 31 March 16.

  1. ACD/0 Feedback Fence ”“ Titan Gauntlets

  2. ATS/8 Arachnid ”“ Hunter Helmet

  3. Dreg’s Promise ”“ Sidearm

  4. Eternal Warrior ”“ Titan Helmet

  5. Khephri’s Sting ”“ Hunter Gauntlets

  6. Lord of Wolves ”“ Shotgun

  7. Lucky Raspberry ”“ Hunter Chest

  8. Patience and Time ”“ Sniper Rifle

  9. Purifier Robes ”“ Warlock Chest

  10. Queenbreaker’s Bow ”“ Fusion Rifle

  11. Sunbreakers ”“ Warlock Gauntlets

  12. Universal Remote


So Guardians, it looks as if there are a bunch of new things to earn when this new patch hits. I know I am excited to earn some of these new armors as well as getting back some of my most favorite weapons. Let me know what armor and weapons you are most excited about on twitter while we wait until next week’s stream for the PvP/crucible updates on April 6th at 11am PST. Till then, I will catch you Guardians in rounds of Iron Banner over the weekend on the PS4.



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