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destiny weekly news part1

Guardians! Welcome back, this week is going to be an extra special one since there was a lot of information dropped on us for the future of Destiny. This weekend and next two are going to be really busy news wise, so if you ever feel behind know that this weekly post will always be here to get you up to speed. Without any more hesitation let’s get through this week’s massive news drop.

Xûr’s Inventory

Xûr is located in the tower hanger watching guardian’s ships coming into landing while he waits to trade for strange coins. Diving directly into Xûr’s bag of goodies, let’s start off with what he brought for the Titan.



Titans, the memorizing helmet you see before you is the Empyrean Bellicose. This helmet is definitely one of a kind giving the Titan an ability which might throw some players off their game. What I mean by that, is this helmets special exotic ability called “Antigrav Thrusters”. This perk gives the Titan the same ability that the Sunsinger Warlock has called “Angel of Light”. These perks allow your guardian to be held in place in the air while aiming down your weapons for a short time. This perk is great for making an in air sniper shot, or just helping you get more air time to avoid what is happening below you. In addition, the exotic ability also allows your Titan to collect orbs while their super is full, and if that is done then those orbs will now recharge your melee ability. The helmet in particular being sold by Xûr this week has a solid PvE perk roll with Better Already, Inverse Shadow, and Second Thoughts. If you are wanting to use this helmet for PvP reasons I would suggest re-rolling this to get the selectable perk Ashes to Assets in the second column.


Overall Opinion: Super helmet in PvE giving you that ability to jump and fire accurately from behind cover. It has good stat rolls to help out the PvE battles and will help your super regenerate exponentially faster in that realm. For the PvP side of the house, this helmet can be a double edged sword. It can either help you make some sweet accurate mid-air shots and change the momentum of battle or can make you suffer by signaling to everyone, “Hey I’m up here not moving shoot me!” Snipers love to see this helmet on people because it’s a sign that this very shiny helmet will be stuck up in the air at some point and is not hard to miss.


For the Hunter this week Xûr brings one of my favorite PvP exotics to the table for purchase. The Crest of Alpha Lupi is what I am referring to. This year one remake’s primary ability called “Keeper of the Pack” reduces the amount of time it takes to revive fallen teammates and generates an extra orb on super use. With that being said, this armor is extremely helpful in any situation where revives are capable. Bonus perks of this armor are ammo perks along with an elemental defense perk. This week’s roll on this armor has to deal with the void elemental class. You can select to either decrease incoming void damage or increase your armor when using a void-based subclass. If void is not the element you are looking for, then re-roll it with some glass needles until you get what you want.


Overall Opinion: This armor is a must have for guardians who want that ability to revive teammates easier. This armor is one of my personal favorites to roll through Trials of Osiris to help get those critical revives super fast. This armor is decent in PvE raising your armor defense or making sure a particular element doesn’t do too much damage to you. It raises your survivability slightly making it easier to get through those tough situations.


Xûr has presented the Warlock with the Alchemist’s Raiment this week. This is a year two armor that has been brought to the table to help farm glimmer plus other things. Just looking at this armor’s exotic ability’s name of “Iron to Gold” makes sense of what this armor does exactly. The perk states the guardian has a “chance to gain glimmer on primary ammo pickup”, so this is the route to go if you are hurting for glimmer after buying all the weapons from the gunsmith. In addition to that, the armor also allows a warlock to collect Orbs while your super is full. If that is done, then the Orbs will be used to recharge your grenade and melee skills instead. This armor has the same elemental damage inhibitors that the Crest of Alpha Lupi has as well as ammo for special or heavy weapons.


Overall Opinion: This armor at a first glance may look like it doesn’t bring a whole lot to the fight in regards to exotic abilities. That being said, the other abilities this armor brings to the table brings it up to a sliver above average. The fact that it adds more heavy and special ammo (depending on selection) is huge in the PvP side of the house since those ammo types are starting to get harder to collect. In addition, it packs the same armor boost that can save your guardian from a death or two while using those defense boosts. It’s a nice to have armor if you are short on glimmer and have nothing else more tactical to use.


The Weapon Xûr has brought for us this week is the Invective. This shotgun is a year one remake which has some extremely useful perks to bring a big punch to anyone up close. It has good range once the Send It perk has been selected but can still be beaten by others, so time your shot appropriately. The three big perks this shotgun brings to the table is 1. It regenerates ammo over time, 2. It fires in full auto mode, and 3. It has the Final Round perk that deals bonus damage.


Overall Opinion:  This weapon is golden if you are constantly struggling to find special ammo crates since it makes its own. Also, if you only have one round in the chamber, this shotgun will one shot your enemies in the crucible. If you haven’t unlocked this weapon spend the coins and do so now.

Trials of Osiris

The Trials of Osiris map is Frontier on Earth. This map is fairly balanced between the two sides and is mostly wide open. There is a funneling bridge in the center which can quickly become a trap since there are shooting lanes open on both sides and down the middle of it. This map is big and open enough to fit the Mida Multi-tool or Sniper’s play style, so be prepared to move quickly behind cover. The heavy ammo spawn locations are one high north of the bridge and one low south of the bridge. Choose which one you go to carefully since both are out in the open and provide little cover while waiting for the ammo to spawn.


Just like any other trials, match revives are going to be a huge game changer. To help that out have at least two of your fire team members run quick revive exotics so, no matter who is being revived, it happens fast. Secondly, be careful for resurrection snipers. To counter this, as soon as your ally gets revived, run into their body to push them out of the way of the bullets. Make sure to talk and communicate to your fireteam and, hopefully, you will come out victoriously.


Destiny Weekly News Roll-Up

So Guardians, we have finally been graced with the information that we have so patiently waited for from Bungie Developers. As promised, Bungie fed all the hungry Guardians with new information about the spring patch which they have been discussing since winter. In this first volume of three broadcasts, it was more focused upon what we guardians will have access to do with this upcoming patch. There are some new things to do on the PvE side of the house as well as some bolstered content which we are accustomed to. I will be drafting up an in-depth guide to what changes we can expect, but here are the items listed below to give you an idea of what to expect. If you missed the information broadcast you can find it here on Twitch.

  1. April Update arrives on the 12th

  2. New content will be available to players who own Destiny: The Taken King

  3. Taken King is dead, but the Taken War rages on within the Solar System

  4. Variks the Loyal has a new call to arms bounties and challenges

  5. New PvE content in through new quests, Bounties, and Strikes

  6. Maximum Light is being raised to 335

  7. Prison of Elders has a new Level 41 mode to reach 320 Light

  8. Challenge of Elders, a level 42 scored mode, rewards up to 335 Light

  9. Players who achieve the High and Cumulative score are guaranteed Weapons and Armor

  10. Challenge of Elders rewards have up to 335 Light, depending on your power

  11. Kings Fall Raid (Normal) will drop up to 320 rewards, (hard) will drop up to 330 light.

  12. Court of Oryx will drop Artifacts up to 335

The only thing to note is that in the stream they stated Prison of Elders will have checkpoints, which is not true.


In the meantime, we have Iron Banner to look forward to next Tuesday. This time it will be a challenge during Control. Starting on the 29th at 10 PST, we will be able to start completing the challenges to get to rank 5 again. items to earn this time around are the Hand Cannons, and Machineguns for weapons and chest and arm armor. The rewards breakdown like this


Available from Lord Saladin:

  1. Rank 3: Chest Pieces

  2. Rank 4: Hand Cannons, Gauntlets, PlayStation exclusive Gauntlets

  3. Rank 5: Machinegun


Available from post-game rewards:

  1. Rank 2: Chest Pieces

  2. Rank 3: Hand Cannons, Gauntlets

  3. Rank 4: Machinegun

Keep your eyes peeled for the next in depth article about the upcoming things to do in the April 12th patch.


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