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Xûr’s Inventory March 4th-5th Xûr has been spotted in the tower to the west by the Speaker.

Trials of Osiris

I know most of the community’s feedback via Twitch to Bungie was trying to get them to focus more on the upcoming PvE content, but to no avail was any information released. On a side note, Deej did state they are aware of the issue, “to point out the elephant in the room (and salt in our chat window), we know we’re on the hook to tell you more about the next things we’ll do to infuse your PvE lifestyle with new challenges”. Therefore, we know they are aware of the issue of what the community wants which is honestly a good sign. For now, though, it looks like we will have to enjoy learning more about Bungie first.

On other notes, Bungie posted their weekly news recapping the Ride Along as well as advertising their next Twitch broadcast on March 10th. This time we will be getting to know how the Bungie Audio Team got the sounds captured and tied into the Destiny Universe. Ever wondered how they came up with the sound of your favorite weapon? If so, then this next broadcast is for you. (I’m personally curious about the Rocket Launchers and Hawkmoon).

Overall not a bad start to the weekend Guardians. Enjoy the info, and I will return next week with more Destiny news. Hopefully, I will be back next week with some insights into that PvE update they keep hinting at. -ShadowAssault86

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