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destiny happy xur day

Hello to all you Guardians out there. To the new ones just joining our ranks as well as the experienced, welcome back.

Xûr this week is located at the tower in the hanger. As soon as you walk down the stairs into the hangar, turn right and he will be waiting for you. His inventory this week is comprised of year one remakes as well as a year 2 gauntlets. As always, the following is based off of my opinion having played with these exotics previously.


This week’s Titan exotic item is none other than the infamous “Ruin Wings” which have helped out many during previous year one content. This is due to its primary perk called “Seeds of Ruin,” a perk causing heavy ammo to drop more often. On top of that, each purple heavy ammo brick will contain more rounds than normal. This week’s rolls on them are not terrible, but they aren’t exactly great either. First off, the stat roll is okay as it improves Intellect and Discipline. The secondary selectable perk is decent, as it provides either further grenade throw distance or more grenade energy after punching enemies. The third selectable perk has sidearm loader and rocket launcher loader. This is less than optimal as the lower one always has a type of heavy weapon loader. It is the sidearm loader which needs to be re-rolled to make it match your playstyle with your favorite weapon type.


Overall Opinion: PvE this is a must have if you are always running low on heavy ammo and heavy ammo synths. In addition, not only does it work for you, but it also helps your fire team with extra ammo. I personally would reroll these gloves until I got an Intell/Disc stat roll and Sniper Rifle Loader perk as those would fit my overall playstyle. If PvP is your game of choice, skip these gloves as they are no use to anyone on the PvP side of the house.


Ah”¦for the Hunter this week we have a helmet that sure packs a bunch of heat for the Gunslinger subclass. This helmet so happens to be the “Celestial Nighthawk” with the primary perk of Big Game. This perk allows your Golden Gun only one shot, but that shot is now six times as powerful. In addition, it will over penetrate your target to damage enemies behind them. This week’s roll isn’t too bad overall being all intellect. The second perk helps grant faster supers with grenade kills or special weapon kills. The only perk that I personally would want to change would be the Invigoration perk increasing melee energy when picking up orbs. In the realm of PvE, I would prefer to have Better Already or Infusion providing more survivability by recharging shields or health after picking up an orb of light.


Overall Opinion: Super great for PvE for when you have solar burn modifier active. It is still quite powerful without it as well. I would pick this helmet up just for fun seeing how the gunslinger class doesn’t offer the same type of group support that the night stalker has. When it comes to PvP this helmet is a waste because you would want to keep your three shots to be more flexible and kill more enemies.


Warlock class has something special up its sleeves this week when it comes to these year 2 exotic gauntlets “The Impossible Machines”. If you love the new Stormcaller subclass, these gauntlets are a must have in your inventory. The biggest reason why is its perk, “Lightning Rod,” makes the Landfall perk activate for free. This creates a bolt of lightning to strike the ground beneath you sending out a massive damage pulse to all enemies within the area. By having these equipped, it allows you to select the other two talents within the subclass. One is “Superconductor” which doubles your Stormtrance electrical chaining capabilities. The other being “ionic Blink” which allows you to teleport (blink) around the map making it harder for you to be killed while in your Stormtrance. Some of its other perks are increased melee attack speed and two types of weapon loaders. This week it has auto rifle and fusion rifle loaders.


Overall Opinion: Although these gauntlets are quite powerful, this week’s roll is extremely lacking. I would only buy these if I plan on using Glass Needles to get the roll I want. The base states are not that great at all being Discipline Strength. I would prefer at least one of them being Intellect reducing my super cooldown time. I would reroll to the weapons loader to those I consistently use such as Pulse, Scout, Hand Cannon, and Sniper or Shotgun loaders.


Instead of a weapon being sold Xûr, has decided to grace us by returning with a helmet engram for purchase. It’s going to cost you 19 strange coins for one. Meanwhile, they have a chance to decrypt into any of the helmets currently available and will either be at 290 or 310 defense depending upon your light level at type of decryption. They will always decrypt to 310 if you are light level 310 and above. If you are above 301, they will be 290 but have a small chance to go up to 310.


Xûr is also selling the legacy engram for all the grimoire hunters out there who have yet to collect all the year 1 exotics. If you want to try your luck at completing your Primary weapon’s engrams grimoire, then it will cost you 31 strange coins per engram.

The second row of items have actually not changed since last week.

As always, Xûr is selling two Sparrow drives including the Plasma Drive (Blue contrail) and Stealth Drive (Red contrail). Each will cost you 23 strange coins. If you are low on Heavy ammo synthesis, three of them will cost you one strange coin. The two other consumables you can purchase from Xûr every week are the “Three of Coins” at 5 for the cost of 7 strange coins and the Glass Needles at 3 for the cost of 3 strange coins, 3 motes of light, and 1 exotic shard.

Third row always offers for you to trade in 2 strange coins per mote of light. I would always advise against this unless you are tired of stocking up strange coins and want the motes to level up your gear though motes of light are very easy to obtain.

If you have spare strange coins laying around, you can always stock up again on Three of Coins, Glass Needles, or helmet engrams to store in your vault until the rest of the time gated exotics are released.

– Happy Xûr Day Guardians!

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