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destiny bungie call to arms weekend update

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Starting at 9am EST on Saturday the 6th some of the most amazing Destiny streamers began the Bungie Call To Arms 48 hour stream weekend! We are now well over half way through and it has been an amazing weekend of fun and of course lots of great Destiny gameplay!

Thanks to Twitch and their new clip feature we have some great moments that members of the Destiny community have shared on twitter! First up, is the person who kicked off this fantastic event @cookeeeemonster not only crushed her goal but in celebration of raising over $1000 in the first our viewers were treated to a Destiny emote dance show!

As we rolled through the day a plethora of amazing Twitch streamers entertained a throng of viewers who were eager to Stack Up and help support the troops. One though, stood out from the pack and has claimed the top spot among our amazing roster of Twitch entertainers. During his stream @RealKraftyy raised $3060 in 4 hours for the troops and to celebrate he sang the amazing Destiny Twitch community a little song!

Of course, there was plenty of Destiny game action and PvP to be had as well. This amazingly hilarious clip from @LuCKyy_and_BW exemplifies some of the shenanigans on display throughout the day!

We also want to remind you that Bungie has teamed up with Destiny community member @CaptainTwaz on twitter to create an amazing Destiny poster to support this charity stream weekend. Now you too can “Stand Amongst Giants” with this awesome poster available in the BUNGIE STORE right now!


There is plenty of Streaming action to come and you can still get in on the fun! Check out the schedule below and head on over to to Stack-Up with your favorite Destiny streamer!


We are also looking for some amazing Veterans to be a part of our Air Assault to PAX West and the Bungie Studio Tour! If you know someone who would make a great candidate you can nominate them by visiting this link HERE! You can help us find the military’s most fanatical Destiny fan!


It would seem that Stacking Up was in Bungie’s Destiny!

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