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When it comes to gaming everyone has their own beginning, their own story, and their own favorite moments. For those lucky enough to experience LAN parties or console gatherings, the feeling of laughing at or next to a friend is something without parallel. The most well-known party games for a group is most likely the infamous Mario Party series. The game placed you against your friends to win the overall game while competing in mini-games. Often players would team up just to trip their friends at the finish line. The game truly brought a great time for all into the living room.


This is exactly what the new title Death Stair has brought to us. The game is a four person local party game with one player atop the stairs and three runners. However, the Dev team does plan to add online multiplayer in the near future. The point of the game is for the three runners to get to the top of the stairs, sounds easy right? Well, it would be if the fourth player wasn’t specifically there to stop any attempts by using an arsenal of weapons and items they send plummeting down the stairs towards their friends.

The graphics of the game are simple but come with the context of “silly is good.” The rag doll effects of the characters with the addition of insane ammo makes the game both fun and family friendly. Just leaving alpha now, the game runs rather smoothly and can cause a mass amount of laughter in moments. With four characters currently, the team hopes to develop eight to twelve overall for a variety of wacky playable avatars.

This game has more than just silly moments and odd ammo to give to its players though. For families it is rare to find competitive games that are appropriate, and for gamers who have played the party game genre it delivers nostalgia. Even watching it and the laughter it brought has a way of making one remember how gaming used to be. Looking to the future one can hope that the July/August full release date is met and we can all soon be playing with our friends.

Death Stair has been Greenlit on Steam and also has their PAX demo available for download at Indie DB.

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