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dead daylight killer guide tips

Dead By Daylight: Killer Guide and Tips

I’ve been playing an obscene amount of Dead By Daylight since it came out and, as a Killer, have gone from “I can’t get these idiots” to “how can I maximize my score for when I win”? I just wanted to take a minute to pass along some basic wisdom that I don’t feel Dead By Daylight does a great job of explaining, as well as give you some tips on how I started turning my Killer time around.

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During the Dead By Daylight party lobby, you can mouse over the character levels of the Survivors you’re going up again. Target the highest ranked players first. You can see both their online rank and character rank: the higher the rank, the more perks they’ll have slotted and inherent knowledge they’ll have about the game. So if an Online Rank 10/Character Rank 35 Meg is pulling down an Online Rank 19/Character Rank 14 Dwight, you let the Dwight go and focus your efforts on grabbing that Meg. Eventually, this will be much easier to distinguish between the three enemy “Megs” when they start coming up with cosmetic items apart from the two default choices each Survivor in Dead By Daylight gets to change outfits.


A full four Survivor group needs to start up five generators to power the gate. Instead of running all over the map like a Survivor with its head cut off, pick 3-4 generators within close proximity of one another and patrol that spot of ground. The desire will be to run around as other generators get popped, but if you guard the last 3-4 generators in a tight patrol loop, they’ll have to come to you!


There are certain spots on the map that allow you to stand above the Dark Mist covering the fields and look down: the hilltops on Coldwind Farms, the house porch at the McMillian Estate, etc. Bottom line, they provide a RIDICULOUS line of sight advantage for almost the entire map that direction. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve just sat there and just watched as a Survivor at a distance was walking around a cornfield and thought, “I can’t believe I can see all the way over there!”

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There are also certain places in Dead By Daylight maps that, as of right now, create an impossible loop of windows and escape holes where until they patch it, the Survivor you’re chasing can keep running you in circles, especially higher ranking ones. The bus wreck on Autohaven Wreckers is a perfect example, as well as the central building on the Coldwind Farm, are placed where good Survivors can have you making you want to break your keyboard in half. You just have to walk away and try to find another Survivor or wait until that Survivor moves on and thinks they’re safe, because otherwise, you’re just wasting valuable time. Unless you’re the Trapper, then you just lay a bear trap at one of the windows and voila: Infinite escape loop closed.


Sometimes, it’s good to stop running like a chainsaw wielding Killer and listen. When a Survivor runs past a crow, it’ll startle and make a lot of noise while taking flight. It’s a good way to find Survivors who are smart enough not to be running at all times.


As the Wraith in Dead By Daylight, it’s inevitable you’ll catch someone repairing a generator or in a fixed spot and completely unaware that you’re almost on top of them. When you start uncloaking, start walking towards them and attempt to body block them from running past you or around you. If they’re not sure of where you’re coming in at, they’re just as likely to run at you than run away out of surprise, and they can’t run THROUGH you while you’re uncloaking, so they just push helplessly against you. The idea is you want to be as close to the survivor as possible when you’re fully uncloaked! Also, try to herd the Survivor in a direction away from the center of the map where there usually are a bunch of structures for them to “window cheese” infinite loop on you

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Generally, useless pieces of kit for the good guys to have in Dead By Daylight. Good Survivors will know to wait until you have a Survivor slung over your shoulder racing towards a meat hook to try and beam you in the face with one. If not, they are fools and must pay for their stupidity: as they need to hit you in the face with the beam and it is extremely difficult to do so, simply juke back and forth or turn away and walk at them backward until you’re close enough to give them a good whack.


As Dead By Daylight’s chainsaw wielding Hillbilly, if you see someone pop a generator or fail a skill check at a generator, immediately get that chainsaw revving and charge over to that spot. The idea is that you’re hoping to make them think you saw them and are running straight at them, hopefully scaring them into running and leaving those wonderful red scratches behind them. Same thing with the Wraith’s bell: get over to the recently popped generator as quickly as possible and hold down the uncloaking button, in the hopes of startling someone into running. If someone does break out in a run, you’re already halfway to uncloaking. If you don’t see anyone, simply stop the uncloak and get back to patrolling.


Once you get that first strike on a Survivor, your job gets that much easier to capture them. Not only are they whimpering in pain, but they leave behind a blood trail. The blood trail isn’t exactly super visible, but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve run into an area where a Survivor is trying to be stealthy sneaking around, but trying to hold their intestines in and stifling the screams. I just stop where I’m at, listen to my headset intently trying to see which direction they’re at, and then go finish them off. Survivors also whimper while hiding in lockers if they’re injured, so that’s a good way to tell as well.


A good Survivor strategy in Dead By Daylight is for the Survivors to pre-prep generators. Instead of turning the generator on, high-level Survivors will simply get the generator to 99% and then walk away. They still get all the repair credit, there’s no bonus for turning it on, so they don’t set off the alarm for the Killer to come and investigate. Then, when they know that you’re busy with a Survivor over your shoulder and beelining to a meathook, they can run around and turn on 2-3 generators in quick succession. If you see a generator ready to be turned on (and you can tell how far along it is based on the number of pistons going up and down and the louder the engine is turning over), there’s a pretty good chance that there’s a Survivor at the generator nearest to that one, prepping it for the same thing.

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While hooking a Survivor is a good way to lure other Survivors to try and rescue them, if you pick up a Survivor and realize that douchebag Jeff has the Saboteur perk where he can just break all your lovely hooks and you don’t have one near you, drop him back on the ground with the R button. Better to have him bleed out than have him get free off your shoulders; also, Survivors are more apt to run over and try to heal a downed teammate, primarily because the downed teammate can recover by holding down the mouse button. It’s risky, but sometimes, there are just no good hooks nearby.


The hatch always spawns in a few set locations on the map, so get to know where they pop up at. If you manage to take down the entire crew minus one, they are given the hatch as a way of escape. But if you know where it’s located at, you can simply patrol the hatch area and try to scare them away from its location, forcing them to keep working on generators and giving away their position.

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