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Call To Arms 2019 – Hatch Your Own Stack Up Rex

Are you ready to Stack Up for Call To Arms this May? If you are, we have something special in store for one of our Fundraising Rewards this year. Everyone who signs up for Call To Arms this May through Donor Drive will receive their very first Fundraising Badge the moment they sign up. Check it out…

Stack Up

Yes, it is an egg, and what is inside you might ask? Your very own Stack Up Rex plush doll and you can help him hatch! For everyone one hundred dollars raised through Call To Arms you will receive a new Fundraising Badge, all the way to $500. Check them out below…





Once you hit the $500 mark Stack Up Rex will finally break out of his shell and we will send you your very own Limited Edition, Stack Up Rex stuff plush doll, complete with a Call To Arms shirt of his very own to wear.

If you haven’t yet you can head on over and get signed up today at this link HERE! There has never been a better time to Stack Up and show your support!

Stay tuned as well, as this is not the last news we have for our Call To Arms rewards. We will be following up soon with the full list of all the ways we plan on rewarding those who Stack Up with us this May! Stack Up, play games, and support the troops!

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