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Call To Arms 2018 Sign Up – Step by Step Guide!

So you want to sign up for Call To Arms and set up your own donation page? Awesome, and thank you for Stacking Up in support of the troops! Before you can get out there and get your fundraising event underway you need to get signed up on our fundraising partner Tiltify and create your own Call To Arms donation page. You want to make sure that your donations are being tracked, right?

Step One: Visit the Call To Arms landing page located here ——->

Once there you will click on the button that says “Register”.

Step Two: You will need to log in using an existing account, or create a new Tiltify account name and password. If creating a new account, we recommend using your email to sign up so you can easily find your confirmation email.

Don’t forget to verify your email address! Make sure to check spam folders as the verification email may be sent there.

Step Three: Once you get logged in you will need to select either an Individual Campaign if you are going it alone or Supporting if you are joining an already existing Team campaign.

If you are supporting a team effort the next page will let you pick which team effort you are supporting.

Step Four: The next few screens will allow you to build out and customize your campaign details. First, you will pick your campaign name and URL slug.

Next, you will select your campaign start and end dates…

You will then select your campaign’s fundraising goal…

Finally, you will be able to look everything over and go make and make any changes if necessary.

Step Five: You will then be taken to your campaign dashboard. Here you can make any changes you need as well as tie in your Twitch account and be able to generate a donation tracker overlay for your stream!

Once you are satisfied everything is set-up the way you like it make sure to hit the PUBLISH button at the upper right-hand corner to make your Call To Arms campaign go live!

Signing up a Stream Team!

Once you have created your campaign you can easily create a Team page if you and your streaming allies are going to team up for Call To Arms. Simply click on the team button on the left-hand side of your campaign page.

On the next page simply select “Create New Team”…

Finally, you will put in your team details and decide if you want to make it public or private. Don’t forget to hit save when you are all done.

That’s it! You are now all set up and ready for Call To Arms! Remember to use the hashtag #CallToArms on social media so we can help spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Thank you for choosing to support Stack-Up.Org and its mission to support U.S., NATO, and Australian/New Zealand veterans with gaming!

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