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Call to Arms

Today is the day! Call To Arms is officially underway and there has already been a lot of moving and shaking going on through the internets! Streamers both small and large have heard the Call and risen to the challenge to support Stack-Up.Org and our mission of providing video gaming programs to our troops, whether it’s sending giant supply crates full of gaming consoles to an Infantry company in Afghanistan, flying deserving veterans to E3 or a Penny Arcade Expo, or even helping out local Stacks do on-base events for families of deployed service members.

Some active streamers kicking off the day include”¦


The Game Case aka Cuddles who started off his 27 hour Call To Arms stream and as of time of writing shattered his original $250 goal which was upped to $1k and that goal too has since been surpassed!

The folks at Virtue Esports have kicked off their stream marathon and are well on their way to hitting their goal! You can find out more about their efforts and schedule on a previous article located here!

Angry_Iceberg is kicking off his stream playing a bit of Destiny as he kicks off his 24 hour stream! Plenty of giveaways as he Stacks up for Call to Arms!

You can also check out Violet Krumble as she Stacks Up and starts her 24 hour stream with some RuneScape Chronicles for Call To Arms!

The Chive Gaming Chapter are Chiving on and Stacking Up for Call To Arms as well!

Playing some Battleborn and streaming for Stack_up is Level Zero Magazine

We also have Draconis going strong and Sounding the Call playing Destiny!


These are just a handful of the amazing streamers that have donated their time to Stack-Up.Org for our Call To Arms Event! Make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter at @StackUpDotOrg for re-tweets and live updates all day long.

We also want to take a moment to thank some of our partners for donating keys to games for our streamers to play and for giveaways! It means so much.

Studio Wildcard and their game ARK

Call to Arms

Those Awesome Guys with their game Move or Die

Call to Arms

Greybox and their game Dreadnought

Call to Arms

The folks at Handelabra and their game Sentinels of the Multiverse

Call to Arms

And of course many others!


We will also be live with the folks from Star Crusade on the Stack-Up Twitch Channel from 12pm EST-3pm EST! They are donating one dollar to Call To Arms for everyone who downloads and tries out their Free to Play Colectable Card Game at this referal link:

Call to Arms

We also want to thank all of the amazing donors for supporting our streamers and the Stack-Up mission! Call To Arms is off to a great start and keep an eye out for many fantastic updates throughout the day through our social channels and beyond.

Remember you can also join our Discord, the information is off to the right of this. There you will be able to join in on all the fun and chat about Stack-Up and Call to Arms!

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