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bungie call arms recap


The past weekend August 6th, 7th, and 8th the folks from Bungie teamed up with some of the biggest and best Destiny Twitch Streamers from their community to Stack Up and answer the #CallToArms. It was an amazing 48hours of Destiny gameplay and fun with the whole community all with the goal of raising funds for Stack-Up.Org and Our mission of supporting US, NATO, ADF and NZDF veterans through the power of gaming.


We want to take a moment to thank all of the awesome Twitch Streamers from the Destiny Community who took the time from their schedules to come and stream for this event on the Stack-up.Org Twitch channel. If you missed the live shows you can click on the names below to catch the highlights of your favorite streamers segment!

  1. Datto                   |  RealKraftyy

  2. MsTeamKK        |  Luckyy&BW

  3. SchviftyFive       |  LoriiPops

  4. MTashed           |  SayNoToRage

  5. TeftyTeft           |  Angry_Iceberg

Luckyy and Buttwipe on the front page of Twitch, ending their stream in style: dancing at the Lighthouse!

Without fantastic individuals like yourselves, an event such as Call To Arms would not even be able to happen let alone be the success that it was. We thank each and every one of you along with your amazing communities and moderators who joined in and aided in your support of Stack-Up.Org.

Because of amazing supporters like those mentioned above this past weekend’s Call To Arms event was indeed a rousing success with over  $18,000 raised in donations. The Destiny community pulled together and showed that they really know how to Stack Up for the troops!


In addition one of the goals of this event was to help find a handful of some of the world’s biggest Destiny fans, who have served their country honorably in the military, to join us not only at PAX West 2016 as Air Assaults, but also to get an inside look into Destiny with a Bungie Studio Tour. The response was simply amazing as we received over 50 requests to join us at PAX West and the Bungie Studio Tour.

Make sure to stay tuned as we will be sure to introduce you to our PAX West Air Assaults and also share the highlights of this amazing experience with all of you right here on Stack-Up.Org.

E3 LA team web

From everyone here at Stack-Up we once again thank Bungie, all of the amazing streamers, their communities, and moderators, as well as everyone who came out to answer the #CallToArms! It is because of giving people such as yourselves coming out to #StackUp that we are able to do what we do!

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