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breach and clear deadline

Breach And Clear: Deadline, the sequel to 2014’s Breach and Clear, was released last year on Steam platforms. One year later, after much popularity and critical acclaim, the game has finally made its way to PlayStation 4.

First released in 2014, in an absence of tactical military video games, Breach & Clear invited players into the world of unconventional special operations. As a turn-based tactical strategy game, players name, and outfit their squad with the latest gear, then dispatch those teams on various covert missions modeled after authentic military scenarios. Players planned out their objectives, one phase at a time. Players could choose where each soldier could go, how they would move, where they could aim, then watch the action unfold right before them. Each phase would last only a few seconds, making the action fast-paced and each choice incredibly important. When the action breaks out, bullets fly instantaneously, making every angle potentially dangerous. With several scenarios, multiple mission modes, and plenty of missions, the original Breach and Clear was a huge success, making its way to PlayStation Vita, Steam, and all mobile platforms on iOS and Android.

Breach and Clear: Deadline

Deadline, the sequel, was released last year, introducing an entirely new experience, as well as a new enemy to face. Breach & Clear: Deadline introduces a contagious outbreak, that mutates enemies into terribly grotesque creatures. In addition to the mutants, rogue bandits and enemy forces also terrorize the city. With new environments and enemies, new tactics are also added. Deadline includes new real-time strategic elements,including direct control of your squad for -on-the-fly combat. An open world, RPG elements, and deep, strategic gameplay all encompass this sequel.

Breach and Clear: Deadline infiltrates PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 2nd. The game was developed by Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media, with support from Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Devolver Digital publishing.

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