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The good folks at Brawhalla have a special offer in their online shop, Malhalla, to help support Stack-Up and our mission of supporting US, NATO and ANZAC active duty servicemembers and veterans through care packages filled with video gaming and nerd goodness sent to combat zones, humanitarian missions, military hospitals and more.


Head on over and check out Malhalla to get the special Salute Taunt which is only available for a limited time this week in honor of Call To Arms! All proceeds from the sale of the Salute Taunt will benefit Stack-Up and our mission!

We wish to extend our thanks to the team at Blue Mammoth for this amazing offer to help support our troops and veterans! Head on over yourself and make sure to pick up the Salute Taunt as it is available this week only!

If you have not yet played Brawlhalla now is the perfect time to start. With a great and eclectic cast of brawlers that feature a wide array of varied and interesting backgrounds and fighting styles, there is something for everyone in Brawlhalla.

The game has a strong focus on weapons for the fighters that can change how your character plays keeping the action fresh, fast, and frantic during each and every match. The game also has a rich and deep competitive side with rankings and championships!


The developers recently dropped Patch 2.13.2 with a bunch of new skins for some of your favorite fighters and a brand new rotation of new free brawlers! Make sure to check it out and don’t forget to pick up that Salute Taunt available for this week and supporting Stack-Up.Org!

You can also get in on all the Call To Arms action with our makeup day this Saturday, May 14th! Hit the image below for more information on how you can Stack Up for the cause!

Call To Arms
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