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blizzcon experience part 2

Getting prepared for day two of the BlizzCon adventure had my mind racing with what I should make my priority to watch/do today. Upon getting to the Anaheim Convention Center again, there was a massive flooding of Blizzard fans just waiting to get inside the building for their second day of adventures. Again, it seemed as if most people hurried for something in particular they wanted to get done without having to worry about standing in a massive line. For us, it was being in line at the pet adoption booth where you get to pick out stuffed animals and “adopt” them (pay for stuffed plushy). This line was filled the prior day, so we decided to hit it first and get it done.

Next, we visited all the sponsor booths who had some really great PC parts on display, as well as some pretty beefy systems putting most home units to shame. No matter which booth I went to, I obtained some great information from their workers. I was also able to try some of their products to see if I wanted them in the future.


There were many good panels being held this. The most exciting part of the convention was just about to start. The eSport events started on day one, but today was the big day of finals for four of Blizzard’s games! If you have never been to an eSport event, I would strongly recommend watching the final rounds of the StarCraft tournament.


Just picture yourself”¦ in a three story stadium surrounded by your fellow gaming enthusiast watching two of the best players go at each other in a one on one virtual commander combat. No matter where you sit in the stadium, the full floor had a gigantic screen erected on which to project the game out to the crowd. The best of seven final series was a nail biter, to say the least, with “sOs” going up against “Life.” The tournament came down to a game seven run where “sOs” took the tournament, thus making him the first two-time StarCraft 2 tournament champion. As soon as he won, the stadium burst into excitement with confetti falling from the rafters while people were cheering for him and crowding around the lower stage to try to get his autograph on their collectible cards.


And as the convention came to a close, we were once again treated to an awesome concert. This time it was performed by Linkin Park. They put on a great show and were quite surprised with the energy and excitement of the crowd.

Oh, one last thing: DO NOT skimp out on the food trucks! There were over 20 different types from many different tastes. There were even many desserts available. Overall I know I personally will be getting my hands on tickets to go to this event every year from this point on and hope to see you in the Blizzard crowd next year!

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