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Air Assaults – PAX East 2017 Event Recap!

This past March we had the opportunity to take two amazing veterans to PAX East 2017 in Boston Massachusetts through our Air Assault program. Joseph Nieves and Louis Perezboth Army Veterans and passionate gamers, were excited about the prospect of three fun-filled days at one of the biggest events in the gaming industry.

Our Media Team had the chance to catch up with the Air Assaults throughout the Convention weekend and record some of their exploits, which you can see for yourself in the video below.

In addition to helping our Air Assaults enjoy various games on the convention floor, we were able to support Loius’s efforts in the Hearthstone Tournament as you saw in the video above. He sure was excited at his one game victory even though he lost the match, but who could blame him? The excitement of playing against the number four ranked player in the world is just something you do not forget.

We also wanted to line up something special for Joseph. Joe, who did some media work in the military, had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Quake guru Tim Willits about the new game Quake Champions and of course get some hands-on time with the game, check it out.

Thanks, Joe, you did an amazing job in front of the camera and managed to snag some great intel about the game. You can take a look at another great piece from Joe about gaming with PTSD right here at this link!

We want to thank all of our amazing supporters and Red Shirts who work so hard behind the scenes to help make our events like PAX East not only possible but successful. It is because of our amazing supporters that we can help some awesome veterans create lasting memories in the gaming community.

If you want to get involved and Stack-Up make sure to take a look right HERE to find out all the ways you can help make a difference!

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