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Air Assault – SXSW with theChive and Chive Charities

Air Assault

We had an amazing time in Austin for South by Southwest with our Air Assault program! There were games galore, good food, and plenty of fun to be had around every corner, and of course, there was theChive! Thanks to some help from Chive Charities we brought four amazing veterans out to SXSW for the convention and are excited to share their trip with all of you!

If you hadn’t had the chance, you can click HERE to learn a bit more about the veterans who were chosen to join us and all about Chive Charities and their amazing gift that allowed this trip to happen. Once you have had a chance to familiarize yourself with how all of this got started, kick back and watch the video below to hear our Air Assaults tell you all about their experience!

Once again we can not thank the folks at theChive and Chive Charities enough for being so amazing. The visit to theChive HQ was certainly a highlight of the trip for these Veterans and who can forget theChive TV house on Saint Patrick’s Day evening! Some of us here at Stack Up even traded the red for green and gathered for a great photo in front of the big green “C” to celebrate the occasion.

Thanks also to all of our amazing volunteers who worked at the booth and behind the scenes to make this event a success for us. We have plenty more fantastic Air Assault experiences planned for 2018 so make sure to stand by for details throughout the year.

If you want to help us bring more awesome veterans to great events like South by Southwest, you can help us #StackTFUp and support future Air Assault missions by visiting the link below. Please help us help these veterans by clicking the button below:

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