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This week on LIT, we fight between Duck Game and Brawlhalla! Duck Game was developed by Landon Podbielski and published by Adult Swim in the spring of 2014, while Brawlhalla was developed and published by Blue Mammoth Games and released in late 2015. Both of these games are fun, kick your friends’ butts style fighting games that provide many hours of entertainment. However, there can be only one winner.


BECCA: There’s not exactly a story in Duck Game. It’s more of a “goof around with your friends” game. You’re a duck who collects hats by shooting targets, or your friends in the case of the multiplayer options. Despite not having a real story, it does have the option of arcade style levels that act as mini games.

Story Full Heart

WILL: The story of Brawlhalla is quite simple. It’s an area style elimination game but doesn’t have a plot. However, the different characters and overall theme of the game have the stoic Viking feel one would expect from a game named so closely to Valhalla. I enjoy that they took time to give us a short little bit about the characters and where they came from because it really adds depth to the game.

Story Empty Heart

WINNER: Because of the arcade mode, Duck Game comes out on top! While neither game has a particular story, Duck Game has more depth within itself.


BECCA: The 8-bit like graphics of Duck Game really give it a nostalgic feel. The hats are a fun addition as well. The graphics are relatively basic, but it really works for this game as it creates a funny atmosphere to a funny game. Each level you play on is unique, with different weapons and pieces of the environment you can use (springs, doors, etc). The new environments bring unexpected events, which make for some fun laughs. You can even get cooked if you’re set on fire!

Graphics Full Heart

WILL: I really enjoy that not every game is focused on super realistic high definition graphics. Just like the story, the art in Brawlhalla is very simple yet adds a lot of depth and character to the game. The movement looks fluid, and nothing appears out of place. I jumped all over every map I could play trying to find a clip or a glitch, but everything seemed seamless. I am really impressed with the work from the art team at Blue Mammoth Games.

Graphics Empty Heart

WINNER: Duck Game wins again! Duck Game’s classic graphics are such a great callback to older arcade games, and we couldn’t get over the set-on-fire-and-turn-into-a-roast thing.


BECCA: Duck Game’s soundtrack is full of fun, 8-bit tracks that create the fun atmosphere you feel throughout the game. As we’ve said before, soundtracks can make or break a game. This one adds another element to the nostalgic atmosphere. It almost sounds like the Sega Genesis style of sound, which not many games even attempt. It fits perfectly with the theme of Duck Game. The tracks keep you excited and bouncing around as you play. Well, I was dancing at least.

Soundtrack Full Heart

WILL: Some songs just make you feel like you should pick up your sword and charge head first into battle. The soundtrack for Brawlhalla makes me feel that way even before I have selected which fighter I want to use. It keeps the energy up throughout every match and really helps set that epic battle mood for when you really need to rally and defeat your adversary.

Soundtrack Empty Heart

WINNER: We’re suckers for nostalgia. Duck Game takes it again with the lovely callbacks to the Sega Genesis, and the upbeat tunes make for energetic and entertaining gameplay.


BECCA: The mechanics for Duck Game were a bit difficult for me to grasp at first. I started with mouse and keyboard, which did NOT work well for me. I ended up using my controller, which made things much easier. If I had stuck with the mouse and keyboard, I wouldn’t have gone very far, but the controller helped push me along. There’s a very brief tutorial right when you join that tells you how to move, jump, pick up guns, and shoot, which for the multiplayer aspect, is all you really need. If you decide to do the arcade aspect, you’ll need to lean a few others, but they aren’t difficult to grasp.

Mechanics Empty Heart

WILL: Brawlhalla really provides lots of options as far as control of your character, you can use the keyboard or gamepad which ever you feel more comfortable with. In addition, they give you the ability to remap every key to your preferences. I find this too is really important to me in a fighting game, because I like to feel at ease when the pressure starts to stack up.  As far as overall game function, I found no major issues. I thought everything ran very smooth, and the game was very polished.

Mechanics Full Heart

WINNER: Brawlhalla takes it in mechanics! Everything is smooth, and the controls and remapping are very user friendly.


BECCA: With a group of friends, I could play Duck Game for hours. Even in the arcade game, I could see myself vegging in front of the computer. I feel it definitely has more replayability with friends than it does on your own, though, which is pretty much the point of the game! It’s a game you play with your friends, on the couch or online, laughing and wrecking each other for match after match after match. Plus, with hats to unlock and collect, how could you not come back for more?

Replayability Full Heart

WILL: Like most 2nd Platform fighter games, every time you log in the fight is going to be a little different. Brawlhalla has five different play modes and several characters with different fighting styles which helps the game from getting stale. There is always some fresh new way to sit down and play. With the future addition of more characters, maps, and the ability to customize characters, I feel this game is almost endless.

Replayability Empty Heart

WINNER: Duck Game takes the cake. With hats, the arcade mode, and tournaments with friends, hours upon hours are poured into this game, and we still came back for more.


While it was hard to decide initially, the winner is clear”¦.


Duck Game is the game that reminds you of sitting on the couch gathered around the TV with your friends as a kid. It’s got such a great and nostalgic feel to it, and you just want to pour all your quarters into it. While Duck Game came out the winner this week, both make for a fun gaming session with friends on the couch or online. Check them out! We’ll see you next week!

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