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There has been a bit of a hiatus from the weekly LCS, but it’s back and should be here to stay! (Even if it’s just NA LCS) What an exciting week this has been for a few teams, namely Echo Fox. Other teams had a lackluster few matches. Let’s dive into the fireworks that was Week 6 of the NA LCS.

Immortals is still on top of their A-game with another two wins. The dynamic of Huni and Reignover has been an unstoppable force in the NA LCS. For the first game, Reignover introduced Rumble in the jungle to the North American scene which led to a decisive win over Renegades. Their second game of the week saw Huni carrying Immortals to victory on the wings of Quinn. Huni played a flawless game in which he participated fifteen out of 16 kills. Immortals is THE team to beat.

The other team who stood out this week is Echo Fox. After their first week in the LCS, they have been plagued by visa issues and had numerous subs until last week. Between last week and this, they’ve gone 4-0. KFO has shown himself to be a contender in the top lane coming up with huge Malphite plays in week 5 and during week 6 showing his carry potential on Kayle. The entire team, however, has been synergizing very well. Every member is contributing and working together with Keith making insane outplays as ADC, Froggen providing the veteran experience to ground the team, and Big making magnificent support plays. Their real challenge is coming up in the next three weeks as they take on 4 of the top teams. If they can keep their momentum going, they will be an extremely tough opponent in the playoffs.

CLG and Cloud9 both maintained their second place spots in the standings with wins on each day this week. NRG and Dignitas both split the week with one and one loss a piece. NRG brought Karma to light though with GBM playing her in the mid lane with mixed success. Team Impulse, Team Liquid, Team Solomid and Renegades all suffered two losses with Renegades continuing to anchor the NA LCS.

The big story coming out of these losses though is TSM with gameplay changes in game 1 of week 6, and a shaky pick and ban phase that almost guaranteed a loss in game 2. TSM in the early phase of Game 1 were utilizing their team composition effectively. By protecting Doublelift on Kog’maw, they were winning team fights and would have eventually won the game. Hauntzer started to dive the enemy team though and not peel for Doublelift which lead to a losing game as Cloud 9 capitalized on this fact. For game 2, the last pick of the champion select saw TSM knowingly pick a Quinn into a Malphite. This is a losing lane for Quinn, and even though Doublelift saw early game success again, it was just a matter of time before Billyboss on Malphite and the rest of Dignitas overpowered TSM for the win.

NA LCS is looking stronger than ever this year with Immortals living up to their name and on an excellent run of 12-0. Echo Fox is a team on the rise and a force to be not taken lightly. Team Solomid is looking shaky this week and will have to get their heads in the game before they make the season harder for themselves. This week is showing just how explosive and dynamic the NA LCS scene is

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