PC Support for Veterans


Stack Up is retrofitting veterans with Gaming PCs built from the ground up to help them connect with friends, both old and new, through the power of gaming’s most versatile platform.

With support from StinceBuilt and others, we build PCs that include all the hardware needed to run today’s most demanding games and send them all over the world to support US and allied nations’ veterans.

We recognize the valuable role that video games can play in an individual’s health and well-being. As a boutique extension to our Supply Crate program, we seek to provide the ultimate gaming experience for veterans to help them connect with others through the healing power of gaming!


This extension of our Supply Crate program is looking specifically for prior service individuals, but is not limited to veterans who are combat/disabled. All US and allied veterans are welcome to apply!

The more compelling your story is, the more likely your request is to be chosen. Selection is based on a variety factors such as personal story, mission impact, etc., and unfortunately we won’t be able to support everyone who applies, so please be thorough! If you or someone you care about has a great story, tell us about it for a chance to be our next PC “Vetrofit” recipient!

If selected, please be prepared to submit proof of service such as DD-214 or VA documentation.



A message from Dave Crouse, Director of Veteran Services:

At long last, we are once again accepting nominations for our Vetrofit PCs!

Though 2020 brought many challenges, Stack Up was able to support more PC requests than ever before and we are thrilled to finally be reopening this request form to receive nominations. I’m writing this message to inform you all that, depending on the volume of requests we receive, we may not be able to leave this request form open permanently.  


If we have to close the request form again, a specific date will be provided right here to inform you of when you can return and submit your request. We do this in order to maintain an honest communication with you regarding our capabilities. We certainly don’t want to accept requests that we don’t believe we’ll be able to support.


For now, though, get those requests in using the form below! Thank you for being patient with us during this critical period of program growth. Have a great day!

Dave Crouse