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PC Support for Veterans


A message from Dave Crouse, Program Director:

Following a great deal of thought and discussion, we’ve made the difficult decision to suspend our Vetrofit PCs

We introduced “Vetrofit” PCs as a full-time component of our Supply Crate program back in 2019. Over the last four years, we’ve shipped about 90 fully-equipped gaming PCs to Veterans. Not too shabby!


Vetrofit PC requests cost much more to support, however than our console requests. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t keep up with the number of requests coming in, and unlike with our console crates, we couldn’t afford to clear out the request pipeline each year via Hundred Heroes. As a result, our Vetrofit PC requests have been consistently backlogged, with a considerable wait time for anybody who submits.


We’ve always taken pride in doing things the right way and for the right reasons. After careful consideration, we chose to suspend Vetrofit PCs because we aren’t satisfied with our current ability to sustain them as part of the Supply Crate program. We may eventually have the opportunity to revisit Vetrofit PCs, but for now, at least, we’re closing submissions.


Stack Up will continue to support requests that were received prior to the form being removed. Additionally, Stack Up will honor all outstanding Vetrofit sponsorships earned by fundraisers. It’s going to take a while to get through them, but we didn’t want to pull the rug out from under anybody, especially those who’ve already been waiting for a year or more.


Hopefully, this answers the biggest questions. Thanks for understanding, and please contact us if you have any questions not covered here.



Dave Crouse

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