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xenoraid blasts off in november

10 tons LTD announced earlier this week that a new game was making its way to consoles in November: Xeno Raid. Having recently released the incredibly satisfying Neon Chrome, which we reviewed here, Xenoraid looks to take the high-stakes action and shooting into the black gulfs of out space.

Xeno Raid is a vertical scrolling shoot-em’ up, set within the prospects of Earth’s very first Space War. An alien presence has encountered humans and naturally, they aren’t going to let the humans be able to colonize the rest of the cosmos. So, they are determined to wipe out humans., However, the humans aren’t going to go down. In fact, they are going to win, because they have you, the player, to fight by their sides. Never forget The Last Starfighter!


10tons LTD is shaking up the vertical shoot-em-up formula significantly. There are four pilots participating in each mission. During the mission, players can switch between them at any time. If you are fighting an enemy and your ship is about to blow up, you can change to a fresh fighter to keep the fight going.

If an enemy is giving you too much trouble, switch to the right fighter with the 100mm cannon and shred those aliens like a salad! Additionally, Xenoraid will be procedurally-generated, keeping the experience consistently fresh. Finally, the focus on Xenoraid is the shooting. In the spirit of James Cameron’s Alien, players are encouraged to fire, in short, controlled bursts. Too much fire will cause overheating. Players can expect a full campaign, survival mode, and local co-op.


Xenoraid comes from 10tons LTD, based in Tampere, Finland. The team has a solid portfolio of games, in addition to Xenoraid. IN 2014, the team released the highly praised twin-stick shooter, Crimsonland, which introduced top-down twin-stick shooting in a demonic wasteland. The game was digitally released to multiple platforms to solid success. Fantasy puzzle Azkend 2 was released early this year, and 10 Tons launched their biggest project, Neon Chrome this past summer, featuring amazing cyberpunk action and an incredible soundtrack.

Look for Xenoraid to launch on November 8th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is currently available on Steam.

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