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X-Morph Defense Has Players Destroy Earth On August 30th

The Earth is your home. Your Oasis. Everything that you have come to know and understand exists in this world.  This world, described as a living organism, hosts cities, oceans, mountains, and every type of possible creature. It is a vessel to which humans travel through the cosmos, ever-changing and evolving to advance further. However, in X-Morph: Defence,  none of that matters now.

As far as players understand, the Earth is a terrible place. It smells funky, has a mother nature that hates everything, and the humans have built the internet to which they share indescribable acts that are simply unspeakable. But, the Earth is just valuable enough to be another stepping stone in galactic conquest.  Welcome to X-Morph: Defense by EXOR Studios.

X-Morph Defense

In X-Morph, you, the player, are the invader. What matters most is the conquest of the planet for your own personal gain. Below you are massive cities, waiting to be felled by your punishing firearms. However, lasers and spaceships will not do it this time. This isn’t how your ancestors took over the Earth, with flying saucers and laser beams. You are the spearheading leader of a full-fledged extraterrestrial assault. You have cutting-edge weaponry under your belt, and your supreme goal is to terraform the Earth for your own species.

X-Morph Defense is a combination between a twin-stick, isometric shooter, as well as a tower defense game.  Players will be able to fly around the battlefield, using their ships’ own weapons to dispatch enemy units. However, your spaceship won’t be enough, which is where the tower defense element comes in. Players will be able to select from a variety of towers, either before or during the battle. The towers, loaded with cutting-edge firepower, will be quintessential to blocking human military forces and crushing the opposition.

Perhaps most ambitious of X-Morph: Defense is its unprecedented level of environmental destruction. As an invader, the entire city is a playground of destruction. Skyscrapers will crumble and topple, which players can use strategically in order to successfully destroy enemy forces. This is further encouraged when players encounter massive bosses, determined to thwart any and all invasion. It’ll take skill and tactical thinking to successfully take over the Earth.

X-Morph Defense will land on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 30th.

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