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Vostok Inc heads to PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Steam July 27th

In 2013, Director Martin Scorsese released an outrageous, raw, and extremely well-done comedy classic, The Wolf Of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Jonah Hill. Based on the memoirs of real-life Ponzi schemer Jordan Belford, the movie was a critical success, garnering praise and weaving itself into mainstream internet culture.

The movie featured the flamboyant, rebellious, and witty lifestyle of a man tricking the system for personal gain while becoming a sort of Robin Hood to his constituents.  The movie left quite a lot of inspiration, and that is what twin-stick shooter Vostok Inc will emulate. From Badland Games Publishing and UK-based Nosebleed Interactive comes Vostok Inc, otherwise known as The Wolf of Wall Street in space.

Vostok Inc

Space is filled with endless possibility, so why not exploit it for good fortunes? In Vostok Inc, you are the CEO of your own company, a wolf prowling across the cosmos. In Vostok inc, players are determined to rule the colonies as a colonial mogul, being a greedy jerk and relishing in all of your wealth.

Players will begin by blasting enemies and mining asteroids, earning a steady capital. Next, they can land on planets, terraforming and colonizing them for the human population, all accomplished with your big name on it.

Players can then live the high life, appointing managers, drinking space booze, and playing a variety of mini-games.  Additionally, players can also construct new businesses and customize their weapons, as there will be competitors actively determined to derail your business operations. Players will be tasked to going through all 40 planets, each with their own varying degree of challenge.

Vostok inc lands on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Steam on Thursday, July 27th. Be sure to follow Badland Games and Nosebleed Interactive for more info.

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