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Volunteer Week: Game Leads

What is a Game Lead?

Gaming is at the heart of Stack Up and our community. Part of promoting mental health through gaming is playing games with friends. Enter: Game Leads who volunteer their time hosting game nights every week in our Discord server.

A Thank You for our Game Leads,

Game Night Volunteers:

Our Overwatch Program is an amazing program that offers immediate support to those who have reached or are nearing a point of crisis. It is a deeply emotional responsibility held by those volunteers and demands quite a bit. As critical as that work is, part of ensuring good mental health is welcoming all and nurturing a sense of togetherness through our shared love of gaming.

While our StOP program is about helping those during a point of crisis, I consider our Game Nights to be about helping our community before and after such a point. It is because of the environment you have helped create that people feel comfortable in reaching out for help when needed.

To all who have selflessly donated their time - past and present - we want to thank you deeply. Whether it's a fun night of jump scares in Phasmophobia or a run in World of Warcraft, our game nights help build that sense of community and build that sense of camaraderie that many people need.

- Liz Finnegan, Stack Up

Want to lead your fellow Redshirts through virtual battles?

Game nights are a great way to have fun with your fellow Redshirts. Making friends through gaming is a bonding experience unlike any other. You could be one of the game leads hosting a night of deceit in games like Among Us, or leading your fellow players into raids, depending on what people within the community want to play. To apply, click the link here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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