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VarDragons – App Turns Planes into Vicious, Fiery Dragons – PAX East 2017

Last year’s release of Pokemon Go by Niantic Games was an unexpected, runaway success. Using augmented reality, players were able to tap into the endless happiness of nostalgia and entertainingly live out the role of being a Pokemon Master.

The game was an instant success, earning millions of downloads within hours, and forming a cultural phenomenon that lasted well throughout the summer. Players got out into their communities and cities, exploring public places and natural parks to acquire the elusive Pokemon.

While the craze may have faded, the game still continues, making an estimated $2 million a day. The game has proven that there are untapped ideas in the fields of augmented reality. With that, a group of military veterans are hoping to bring their own idea of augmented reality gaming sometimes soon.

Enter VarDragons, a new mobile game that allows players to capture, care for, train, and unleash their reptilian beast across the world in a bid for battle and global domination. Though, in VarDragons, the dragons must be caught in the real-world. Where are they in a world where dragons don’t exist? Look no further than the aircraft flying in the sky. Using augmented reality, real-life airplanes transform into the dragons you seek.

In VarDragons, players will aim their smartphones at relatively low flying aircraft in the sky. If they maintain focus on the aircraft, that craft will transform into a dragon, allowing you to capture it. From there, players will need to arm and train their dragons, feeding and tending to their care as well. Players are then free to explore the world and do with it as they see fit.

Players can simply explore the augmented world around them, searching for valuable items. They can also encounter and trade with other players. Finally, if negotiations are off the table, they can enter battle and use their dragon to defeat other dragons.

The developers all come with great talent and skill, having acquired a synergy from their time in the military. The three-person team is from the Army, Navy, and Marines respectively. They are passionate gamers hoping to bring something new, ambitious, and incredibly fun to the mobile gaming arena.

When asked about the “capturing” part of the app, the dragons will emerge from any aircraft, which includes fighter jets, 737 airbusses, small Cessna, and even helicopters. If anyone happens to be by the beach, a major airport, or even an Airforce base, they are sure to acquire many dragons to which to rule!

VarDragons will be entering testing soon, and a Kickstarter will follow shortly after. VarDragons is slated for a 2018 launch. Sign up here for more information.

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