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valley sci fi thriller available now on ps4 xb1 pc

There are 7 billion people on planet Earth, yet there are many mysteries still unknown to us. Ancient Civilization, hidden creatures, ancient relics, are all elements of possibility, as we try to imagine our planet before us. Movies, such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark and National Treasure, have only spurned our theories of what ancient secrets our country contains. From Blue Isle Studios and Reverb Games comes a special game, that explores an ancient secret in the United States while giving players an extraordinary power, called Valley.

It is the onset of World War II. The global society as we know it is on the brinks of war. The echoes of World War I break through the barriers of peace and prosperity to spark the fires of war once more. As World War II rages onward, military scientists have been conducting a series of exploration missions, as well as experiments, deep in The Rocky Mountains. It is believed, that within the rocky mountains, lies an ancient relic, that could be capable of tremendous destruction.

This relic has been focused to a valley, filled with mysterious energies and potential dangers. Players don the LEAF suit, which not only gives the user the ability to traverse the rugged terrain, but also, the unique ability of life and death. With the LEAF suit, the players can age an object, to be older or younger. This will be a useful ability in encountering obstacles and dangerous enemies. The mysteries of the Valley are up to the player to discover.

Valley is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and PC. Look for Reverb games and Blue Isle Studios on social media.

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