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Until You Fall Fall Coming This Fall to PSVR, VR Platforms

We have all fantasized the great swordsman of action and fantasy. King Arthur, Zorro, Aragorn, and other heroes. But you never really know the experience until you actually experience it. Until You Fall from Pittsburgh-based Schell Games is bringing their action fantasy VR game out of early access and into the hands of those worthy enough for the challenge. Until You Fall is coming to PlayStation VR and other VR platforms in Fall 2020. The exciting news was announced by Schell Games, who have been working hard on the game since their previous outing with I Expect You To Die. Until You Fall was released into Steam Early Access in August of 2019. Having benefited from Steam Early Access, Schell Games is now ready to send their craft into the wild.

Until You Fall is is an action-packed fantasy VR game that is heavy on physical action and high on fantasy. In the neon-soaked lands of Rokar, a great calamity has shattered the realm, twisting its inhabitants into grotesque monstrosities. Only you stand to defeat the evil that has plagued the kingdom, but its magic overwhelms you. The key to victory is to rise, fall, then rise again, fighting with all your might and battle against the hordes of monstrosities. Until You Fall was featured at the Indie Megabooth last year for PAX WEST in Seattle Washington last September, and I personally had a blast playing the game! Until You Fall feels like a Don Bluth movie in the 80’s, but cranked up to insane levels, but also featuring an incredible degree of game play! The soundtrack was filled with heavy synth wave beats, but the combat felt like the true sword fights we dreamed about in movies and folklore.

During my demo, the game started easy enough, facing one opponent at a time with one sword, but soon, the challenge was elevated. Soon, I was facing down multiple dangerous foes with a sword in each hand. This is where Until You Fall really opened up. There were no taking turns for the enemies as they gathered around me in real-time, and I was forced to parry with one hand and attack with the other. I found myself parrying at my 11 ‘o clock, but attacking at my 3 o’clock. Certain movies I made bashed enemies and weakened their shielding. In just a few moments, the combat in Until You Fall became absolutely sublime and unlike anything I had ever played. It was a very physical experience, requiring my full motion to gain the most effective angle in combat. While my demo was short, I wanted more, and seeing that the game is set to launch this year is fantastic.

Until You Fall launches this Fall 2020 for PlayStation VR and major VR platforms.


  • Customizable comfort options to help you move and battle comfortably in VR.

  • Intense physical gameplay – stay active to stay alive.

  • Driving synthwave soundtrack keeps you moving in and out of the game; get the OST for free on Steam

  • Encounter a cadre of corrupted monstrosities, each requiring different strategies to defeat.

  • Fight through a variety of gorgeous, neon-tinged locales.

  • Equip and empower a selection of unique weapons to choose how you do battle.

  • Each run features randomized rewards, powerups, enemy configurations, and rooms – no two runs are quite the same.

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