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Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late [st] – Out Now

Under Night

Sometimes to fight in the darkness is the only way to keep the light glowing. When a mysterious darkness falls upon Tokyo, and shadowy creatures begin consuming humans, a war takes place. Men and women battle in the shadows, on the streets affected by the mysterious darkness, for control and order. there are those that seek to stop the chaos and those that seek to take advantage of it. From Arc System Workers and Aksys Games come Under Night In-Birth: Exel Late [st].

Under Night In-Birth: Exe: Late[st] is a visual novel and 2D fighting game from the makers of renowned, classic anime-inspired fighting games, such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. The two aforementioned games featured an incredible 2D animation style, as well as fast & responsive fighting combat.

Using their experienced and renowned fighting mechanics, the team at Arc System works have translated their skills into Under Night In-Birth: Exel Late [st]. Aksys Games is localizing and publishing the game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3.  Additionally, there will be new enhancements as Under Night In-Birth: Exel Late [st] is a refinement of its predecessor, the 2015 PS3 fighting game, Under Night.

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] has players choose one of 20 characters as they battle in the streets of Tokyo in a strange mix of magic and the supernatural. Players will be fighting in specific parts of the city, during an event known as The Hollow Knight. The hollow Knight descended upon large swathes of the city, bringing forth shadowy demons called Voids.

Voids devour humans or cause them to completely use their sanity.  Many humans go about their business, as they lack the ability to see Voids. However, for the characters the players star as, they aren’t terribly lucky. The key to fighting in this hostile world is to utilize the mysterious power The Voids hunt for, known as Existence.  Existence unlocks special moves and abilities for players to use.

Between story segments, players will be locked in ferocious and fast 2D fighting. From the previous fighting games, Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] is game that is easy to learn but will take time to master. Players will utilize insane, fast combos and tap into their power to unleash devastation and achieve victory.

The game will consist of more than just pressing buttons. Each character will have a unique fighting style that players will need to learn and become accustomed to in order to become the ruler of the night.  From its original installment, there will be new features coming to Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st].

In additional to polished visuals and refined controls, Under Night In-Birth: Exe: Late[st] will feature a new Chronicle mode, which furthers the story about how The Hollow Knight occurred. Four new characters, Phonon, Mike, Wagner, and Enkidu, will be available to choose from. Finally, there will be a host of brand new single-player missions, including practical and combat missions, that will further refine players’ skills. When you are ready, you can battle it out locally or online to truly test your skills against other players.

Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st Will be casting its shadow on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3. PlayStation 4 will be physical retail copies available, while the Vita and PS3 versions will be digital-only releases.

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