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Tiny Metal – Deploys November 21st for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch

Tiny Metal, one of the most incredibly exciting and ambitious indie titles of 2017, has announced a release date. On November the 21st, get your tactics together because Tiny Metal will land on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on that very day.

Consisting of a team of veteran game developers, Tiny Metal is a fast-paced tactical turn-based military action game that will have players using careful strategy and placement. When your country is invaded and occupied, it up to you, your tactics, and your army to fight back, take back your land, go into theirs, and absolutely destroy them.

Tiny Metal

Players will have access to a variety of infantry vehicular units. Knowledge of the battlefield, the terrain, and important buildings will be quintessential to achieving victory.  The team is dedicated to bringing a brand new interest in the Japanese Strategy Game and hopefully, ushering a new wave of Japanese strategy games into the West.

Having played the game at PAX WEST 2017, the game is looking quite impressive. My demo was brief, but it made quite a lasting impression. The game adopts a toy model visual style that is slick but fast and crisp.

Controlling the troops on the battlefield was swift and quick and making decisions on the fly was thrilling. I learned the hard way in my demo, but with each defeat, I got better and stronger. Commanding the troops was simple, clicking on a direction to move on the tile grid, and clicking on an enemy to attack.  However, utilizing the terrain, such as using buildings and trees, was absolutely essential for fighting the very sharp A.I. The gameplay was very swift, keeping me sharp with quick decision making. This made every small victory quite the thrill.

Watch out when Tiny Metal lands on November 21st.

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