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Dungeon Souls
Dungeon Souls

Our Barbarian has the Skills :

  1. Axe Swing : CD of .6sec

  2. Shout of Rage: CD of 15sec

  3. Thunder Axe: CD 15sec

Our Archer is pretty accurate and can shoot many arrows:

  1. Arrow Shoot: CD of .33sec

  2. Pentuple Arrow: CD 12sec

  3. Rain of Arrows: CD 18sec

Thief has some mad bombs and can turn invisible:

  1. Dagger Throw: CD of .17sec

  2. Thief Bomb: CD of 8sec

  3. Invisibility: 14sec

Dungeon Souls

I personally had the most fun with the archer. Going from portal to portal and just raining arrows as soon as they spawned. You usually have to unlock 3-5 different areas to open the portal to the next part of the dungeon. If you don’t get to your portal quick, fast, and in a hurry, a big dude shows up and simply stomps you out of existence. I’ll be playing Dungeon Souls on and off because it is a fun game, I just suck at it. Thanks so much for a new style of game to try and I look forward to learning more!

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