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The Metronomicon – Mixing It Up With Rhythm and RPG – PAX East

The Metronomicon

I doubt much can be more embarrassing for a content creator at a convention like PAX than meeting with the lead producer of a game who of course, wants you try out his game, only to discover that you are horrible at it and cannot get anywhere, but that is exactly what happened while meeting with David Logan so he could talk to me about The Metronomicon.

The Metronomicon is a rhythm-based, role playing game that looks absolutely amazing and extremely enjoyable to play…the problem lies in the fact that while I may be pretty decent when it comes to the RPG side of things, I have close to zero rhythm in things such as that. David, who is the lead producer on The Metronomicon game, was pretty quick to figure this out when we met. We both came to an agreement pretty quickly that perhaps he should just show me how cool his game was as there was no way I was going to easily find out on my own in the limited amount of time that we both had available.

The Metronomicon

I think the first thing I noticed was the game was very colorful but in a more retro kind of color scheme. You then have several characters up on the screen, all with music notes falling down upon them, which allows you to do various things to effect yourself or the enemies on the edge of the screen. This being the case, there is no way to hit all of the notes on all of the characters/heroes at the same time, which meant that you had to prioritize certain kinds of attacks over others or healing and buffing over actual attacks, and you had to find the right balance while having so much go on around you on the screen.

When I questioned this as it was something I had never seen before and found rather fascinating, David kind of laughed and pointed out Danny Garfield, as the President of Puuba and who had the original concept idea for the Metronomicon. He explained that Danny was probably ADHD and had come up with the idea based on the fact that he really liked RPG’s, but they didn’t move fast enough for his tastes. Danny also fancied the idea of rhythm games, but there was never quite enough going on with which to occupy his mind. His solution to the problem; The Metronomicon, which I will someday find some mastery over…hopefully.

Even in spite of all this, the game still manages to have a full story mode and involves you improving on the stats of your characters while finding new equipment and learning new abilities as you progress.

The music was also incredibly interesting, but I’ve been a fan of electronic for awhile anyway and the fact that they acquired people like Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence made me very happy indeed.

All in all, I was quite impressed with what I saw here and cannot wait to play the full game. Stand by for our interview with Danny Garfield coming soon.

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