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The Almost Gone Launches June 25th

It’s been said in many different faiths that when your life ends, your life becomes a quick montage, with pieces of it being seen and revisited before heading to your next destination. When those pieces are scattered, and life becomes formless, the only way to figure out your life is to piece it back together From publisher Playdigous and developer Happy Volanco comes The Almost Gone, and imaginative and ambitious puzzle game that is nearing its launch to PC, mobiles devices, and the Nintendo Switch.

Life has ended, but it remains in pieces. In The Almost Gone, players put their lives back together through puzzle solving. Each moment of the characters’ life is presented as a diorama in free space. By rotating and observing each corner of the diorama, players discover clues that allow them to piece together their lives again. Players forensically search each diorama for clues, piecing together what has happened. What that life is is a mystery, and only through unraveling the poignant truths that led to your fate will the whole story be told.

The Almost Gone is a collaboration between bright talents in the video game indie developer scene, including award-winning author Joost Vandecasteele and sound designer Yves De Mey, who worked on the Oscar-nominated movie Runskop, which is now streaming on Netflix. The Almost Gone is a tale of life, death, and mental health. The team at Happy Volcano and Playdigious hope to share this culturally-relevant story to players this Summer. This game promises an emotional and immersive story, across five compelling chapters.

The Almost Gone launches June 25th for PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It can be pre-registers on iOS and Android devices and is currently available for wishlist on Steam. The Almost Gone will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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