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Tabletop Review - Pathfinder Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide

Developer & Publisher: Paizo Inc.

Available Versions: Standard Edition, Deluxe Leather Hard Cover Book, PDF

Welcome Adventurers, to Tian Xia, a vast continent where dragons are not monsters, the gods aren’t always good, and the dead never really leave. These are the realities of the newest setting from Paizo for Pathfinder Second Edition. This beautifully illustrated 304-page book contains everything you need to become a competent denizen or visitor of Tian Xia. 


This new continent, most similar to our own countries of Asia, consists of over 20 distinct nations and kingdoms. Each new place is diligently described including maps, cities, peoples, languages, religions, resources, international relationships, and important figures. An incredibly useful pronunciation guide gives regions a unique tone to each locale. Game Masters have both a day-in-the-life-of and a year-in-the-life-of sections, including holidays, for giving life to each place.  


Accompanying the deities of the region are their domains, edicts, anathemas, divine attributes, cleric spells, and powers granted to their avatars. This knowledge is critical in these uncertain times and in a place where shape-shifting is a common occurrence. Adventurers may never truly know whether or not the kindly grandmother, for good or for ill, was actually a god amongst the mortals.  


25 new monsters roam the lands of Tian Xia, ranging from the inconspicuous Ink Drop to the mighty Imperial Dragons. Additional monsters that can be found in the region are listed at the beginning of the bestiary chapter. Adventurers will have to adapt to the new culture, especially where dragons are concerned. The proverbial pen will be just as necessary as the sword. 

Overall, this setting represents a refreshing departure from the medieval European-inspired settings that frequently dominate fantasy TTRPGs. The inclusion of detailed cultural and pronunciation guides ensures a much easier transition into the Tian Xia setting. I know I will be including many themes, places, and plot hooks from this book into my future campaigns as a way to switch up the norm and challenge my players to adapt to an exciting new setting.   


I would like to thank Paizo for providing this advanced copy for me to review. The Lost Omens: Tian Xia World Guide is available in standard edition, deluxe leather cover hard copy, and PDF formats. You can find this and many other game system rule books, campaign settings, and more at and at your friendly local game store.

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