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Supply Crate – Zachary

We're getting closer to our May run for the Call to Arms. For 31 days, we'll be pushing to reach our $350k goal!! Why fundraise? Read on to learn more.

Zachary is a Veteran with PTSD who wanted a game console to play with other Vets online. He told us a little bit about himself in his request:

I served in Afghanistan and Iraq over ten years and was hit with IRDs 4 times. I believe that this would help with my PTSD by allowing me to join online veteran groups of players to bond and share experiences.

We've all been there at some point post-service. It's one reason why we started the Supply Crates program. Helping other Vets get consoles and games to enjoy with other Veterans. Having a shared hobby helps us connect.

Thanks you so much for this! It means a lot!

Thank you for your service, Zachary.

Emery sponsored Zachary's Supply Crate. She herself is a Veteran, and if you're looking for excellent Veteran gamers to follow on Twitch, we think you should check out her Twitch channel.

Why should you fundraise? At $1k, you can sponsor a Veteran or Active Duty Military unit with a console and games sent by Stack Up. Smack (click) the button below to answer the Call to Arms and fundraise for Stack Up.

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