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Supply Crate – William

Through the Supply Crates program, Stack Up has been able to give Veterans gaming care packages for 8 years now. Over the years, we've seen plenty of changes and been able to grow the program to serve more Veterans. Moreover, we've received more and more responses to our Supply Crate send-outs, which is great because we get to show them to their sponsors and then share them with you.

In today's Supply Crate update, Army Veteran William requested a Supply Crate to help him bond with family and other Veterans while maintaining his own mental health.

My name is Spc William and i Served in the United Stated Army with the 82nd Airbourn Division! I completed 2 tours to Afghanistan and have been suffering from PTSD for over 10 years now. Along with other Disabilities. I was in the Infantry kicking in door and Capturing HVT's. I game with my Kids and that helps me in many ways than they will ever know. Gaming keeps me bonded more with my children and helps ease my mind some days. I have been Suicidal in the past and i keep turning to games which help escape those dark days sometimes. i try to stay active to keep my mind from getting out of place. I recently contacted some Nursing homes to volunteer with older vets and help them have a shoulder to lean on and take them to their Appts. Staying Connected to other veterans especially with older vets is a main goal of mine. Im here for my children, my wife and Vets in my community. i feel i have a responsibility in helping other vets regardless of service or areas served. If chosen this could help me continue to fight that fight and not give in. Gaming is my passion and it helps me remain on earth.

We love photos like this.

A shared hobby can make all the difference for many of us. Gaming itself even becomes a way of life, with shared community through mutual interest. We learned that through our own experiences here at Stack Up, and we look forward, every day, to being able to share our love of gaming with other Veterans.

Thank you!

You are very welcome, William.

Ryhh sponsored William's Supply Crate by fundraising $1000 to help us get it out to this Veteran. Thanks to Ryhh and his community, who supported his fundraiser. Ryhh plays games like Valorant, Fortnite, and FC24. If you're interested in games like that, check out his Twitch channel.

Our 2024 fundraising campaign is up and ready to go. We've already got some fundraisers hitting the top spots early. Hit the button below to check out our fundraising meter and share it with people you know.

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