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Supply Crate – Wayne

Hello all! If you're here, you either clicked the link wondering what this was, or you already know. If you're the first, this is a Supply Crate update in which we tell folks about a Veteran or Active Duty servicemember we sent a console and games out to.

Today's update came from an Army Veteran by the name of Wayne:

For 16 years active, 19 total. Have PTSD and several other service connected things going on. This would get me playing with other veterans and talk to them. Would help me concentrate on better things.

Gaming has been a great way to connect with other Veterans, as we've experienced at Stack Up, so we're glad to help others experience that as well. In fact, we have a whole community on discord who are great for hanging with other Veterans, civilians, and Active Duty Military.

This is going to be great. Can't wait to start

Get gaming, Wayne!

EgoViking sponsored Wayne's Supply Crate by raising $1k+ with his community. You can check him out on his Twitch channel.

November and Veteran's Day are approaching. We do a huge fundraising push throughout the month and could really use your help to reach our goal of $600k.

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