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Supply Crate – Tyler

Tyler learned about Stack Up through another Veteran and submitted a Supply Crate request to see if gaming might help him when dealing with his PTSD and coping with injuries he received while deployed in the Air Force.

I was deployed twice in 2006 and 2007, after a bad vehicle crash in 2006 I was closed off to my fellow service men and woman and lost trust with friends, family and staff around me. In 2007 I survived two road side bomb attacks within a month of each other, then received my Purple Heart on the last EFP bombing on my last night deployed. Talk about bad luck. One of my drivers from the deployments recommended gaming as a stress reliever and a way to trust another again along with improving communication with others. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and had surgery to remove shrapnel from my body, but still have pieces in my neck. I would very much appreciate some help to continue my strength towards healing with the help of gaming with my friends.

Gaming with friends is one way to cope. Did you know when gaming, the brain can enter a "flow" state, causing the world to fall away and focus to zero in on the game? This can help with PTSD and, in some cases, pain, as playing a game can cause a person to focus more on the game than their pain. It's not 100% and doesn't always happen, but it is possible and can help on occasion.

Here are some pics of the supply crate and my new shirt, thank you stack up

You are welcome, Tyler! Enjoy gaming with friends.

Th3WoodyShow sponsored Tyler's Supply Crate. Thank you to Th3WoodyShow for fundraising and to his community for donating the funds to help us keep supporting Veterans through the power of gaming. Check out Th3WoodyShow on Twitch.

We're hitting the ground running this November with our fundraising. We need you to answer the Call to Arms by fundraising, donating, or even sharing the word about our efforts to support Veteran mental health. Hit the button below to answer the call in your way.

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