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Supply Crate – Richard

Getting a 100% rating from the VA post-service has downsides, namely, being on a fixed income. That fixed income usually goes towards bills and necessities, making it difficult to afford "luxuries" like an expensive, new gaming console. In Richard's case, he wanted a console to help himself connect with other Veterans:

According to the Veterans Administration I am 100% Unemployable, Disabled Combat Veteran that suffers from PTSD. I have an old gaming system that cannot connect to groups, friends, or fellow veterans. I cannot afford to upgrade, financially, to any new gaming system. Would absolutely love to connect with these groups, while playing a game or two. Lonely nights, a good gaming system, would help me get through the night. thank you for your consideration,
Medically Retired
Sgt Richard

Getting him reconnected with other Veterans through gaming is certainly something we could help with. We put together a Supply Crate with a brand new Xbox Series X and Game Pass (We also send out digital codes with our gaming care packages) and sent it off to Richard.

Just got my package today as my dog and I were in training. Thought I’d share with my Veterans team. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me!
Sgt Richard

We love dog pics around here!

Zironicdk sponsored Richard's Supply Crate. Zironic was a participant in our Call to Arms LIVE! event in 2022 and has sponsored a number of Supply Crates. He streams on Twitch if you want to check his streams out.

We're two months into 2024. Our Influencer Relations Team is gearing up for our Spring fundraising season and Memorial Day. Want to get involved in helping us send some gaming care packages to Veterans like Richard? Hit the button below to sign up and fundraise.

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