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Supply Crate – Peterson

Hey everyone, we’ve got another supply crate story to share with you! Our latest crate has been sent to a selfless Warrant Officer named Peterson, who requested the crate for his crew. Don’t believe us? then take it from Peterson himself:

Good morning, My name is WO1 Peterson and have a 15 man team currently deployed to the Parwan Province, Afghanistan. We provide 24/7 operations sometimes working a few days at a time and I am just looking for a way for my guys to have fun while staying out of trouble during their tour of deployment. Also, since we will be missing the holidays with our families, i am looking to try and help make the guys feel a little more like they are at home and was wondering if your establishment would be willing to help us put on some sweet tournaments to help us pass the time. If you can help that is great, if you are unable that is fine too. We hope you have a great holiday season. God bless!

Great news Peterson because not only are we able, we are ready and eager to help you and your guys! Prepare yourself for an awesome supply crate filled with the perfect tools to help you and your guys during their deployment.

All of the guys here are grateful and are having a great time with the Supply Crate that was shipped to us. Thanks again and God bless!

You are most welcome Peterson, we are glad to hear that your crate is going to good use. We know how touch deployment can be, especially when you have to spend the holidays away from your families. Take care and game on soldiers!

This crate was sponsored by Chris Puckett. Thank you so much for your support, we really couldn’t do this without the help of patriotic citizens like you. Feel free to show your support to Chris by following him on Twitter.

If you know a veteran or active duty service member like WO1 Peterson, then please let us know by filling out an application for them below. Stay strong and we’ll see you all in the next Supply Crate report.

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